Does Sons Of The Forest Have An Ending?

Does Sons Of The Forest Have An Ending

Now that you got your hands on the recently released Sons Of The Forest, you are unsure, does Sons Of The Forest have an ending? Like all good things, it also has an ending. Is it good, or is it bittersweet, let’s find out!

SOTF came out with new updates, and the ending is a bit ambiguous for players. Those who have finished the task and perplexed if what they achieved made any sense! Also, the abrupt end makes one wonder, does the Sons Of The Forest have an ending?

Sons Of The Forest

does Sons of the Forest have an ending explained

The game was released in February 2023 on Steam by Microsoft. The fans of the original game, The Forest, can have closure on what happens to Timmy LeBlanc.

But the way the game ends makes one wonder, does Sons Of The Forest have an ending? There are several thoughts to circumvent before we come to the final analysis.

Clarity | Does Sons Of The Forest Have An Ending?

It all begins with the golden cube. The artifact has been the reason for many fights on the island. When Puffton came, they were fascinated and built bunkers around it to analyze it further.

The cube is an intriguing artifact for many mysterious reasons. It is known that it activates after eight cycles. When it activates, it turns everyone on the island into mutants — except for those near the cube.   

Then there is a dimensional slip that people inside the cube witness. The dimensional slip is the Cyberpunk 2077 futuristic city. Since there was no closure on the city, the creator of the game has left it all in ambiguity, which hints at more to come in the Forest franchise.

But does Sons Of The Forest have an ending? Well, for now, the ending depends on individual decisions on how they plan their survival in the forest and to whom they submit allegiance. Let’s explore the possible scenarios to see does Sons Of The Forest have an ending.

Are you a fan of no endings? Well, we have Maddie and her grandma in Merge Mansion with never-ending mysteries and no endings.

Does Sons Of The Forest Have An Ending?

Depending on the scenarios, there are three possibilities, and let’s explore each to see how it ends.

Keep Your Friends Close

Sons of the Forest Virginia

In this scenario, you choose Virginia to be your friend. So, the focus is to keep your friends Kelvin and Virginia alive before you proceed to the VIP bunker. This will pan out with Virginia and Kelvin heading for the golden cube in the cut scene.

In the next sequence, when you appear on the beach, they are alongside you, darting towards the helicopter to leave the island.

Fought Demons

Now in this possibility, you survive on the island by searching for the golden cube and entering. You need not worry if the companions are alive in this situation. The goal is to reach the golden cube to survive.

Now comes the next part – when you reach the beach to take the helicopter. As you leave the island, you unlock the Fought Demon achievement. And if Kelvin and Virginia are alive by any chance, you unlock a secret ending achievement.

Sons of the Forest Kelvin

Fight Demons

As you wake up on the beach, in the earlier scenario, you proceed to the helicopter. But instead of heading to the helicopter, you pick up the gear and bag; the helicopter leaves the island. In this situation, Kelvin and Virginia don’t necessarily have to live. You live on the island forever, fighting the demons and getting the Fight Demon achievement.

How to Reach the Ending of Sons Of The Forest

We know everything seems very ambiguous, and you wonder does Sons Of The Forest have an ending. If you need help heading in the right direction, we can give you some pointers.

If you collect some of these items, you can reach the end of Son Of The Forest. These items do not follow the sequence:

  • VIP Keycard
  • Rebreather
  • Shovel
  • Rope Gun
  • Maintenance Keycard
  • Golden Armor

You can collect rebreather, shovel, and rope gun from their respective caves. To get to the shovel’s cave, you need a rebreather and rope gun.

After you have retrieved the shovel, you can get a maintenance card. You will find it in the bunker in the green circle, close to the gun cave on GPS. You would need to dig the cave using a shovel to get the keycard.

To get the VIP keycard, you again need to check the GPS. You will find it near the rebreather cave. The last thing that isn’t easy to get is Golden armor on the other side of the island. It is also marked as a green circle on the GPS.

You can access it using the maintenance card. After you have collected all the items, run to the VIP bunker. Ensure you get the shotgun and ammo to take care of the mutants blocking your entry to the VIP bunker.

Soon you need to make your way to the underground facility in VIP living quarters. In the bathroom, you will see a broken wall exuding smoke. It will indicate you to rush to the golden door. Before you head to the door, put on the golden armor.

After some struggles and fights, you will reach the golden cube with a soldier holding a laptop with a timer. Kelvin will now join you and Virginia if you choose her to be an ally. There will be some commotion and fighting, but soon you will wake up on the beach with a helicopter.

Now here comes the part that confuses everyone. Does Sons Of The Forest have an ending? Well, if you choose to stay and fight, it pans out differently. If you board the plane, it’s a different ending, and if you stay back to fight the demons forever, that is another ending for you. The game’s creators have left it for you to pick your ending.

Here is the trailer of the game in case you are new to the game, and exploring post-Forest if you should play the game or not. Well, we can tell you this bit, the game is an upgrade in plot, graphics, and gameplay and definitely worth exploring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to play Forest before playing the game Sons Of The Forest?

Not necessarily. These games are based on different plots, and there is no continuation of ideology or plot. Conclusively, playing the predecessor version does not give you leverage, just the history.

Why is the game Sons Of The Forest famous?

For players who enjoy the survival genre, it is the best game to play in 2023. The player has to make everything from scratch, be creative, and always be in survival mode.

What does Fought Demons achievement mean in Sons Of The Forest?

After you board the helicopter and leave the island, you unlock Fought Demon achievement meaning you won. It is a good outcome for the player.

What does Fight Demons achievement mean in Sons Of The Forest?

In this achievement, you choose to remain on the island, not board the plane, and stay to fight the demons.

What does Keep The Friends Close achievement mean in Sons Of The Forest?

It means you come out of the bunker with your friends Kelvin and Virginia and dart towards the chopper to leave the island.

Does Son Of The Forest have an ending?

The ending depends on your selection. The scenarios pan out differently depending on your selection.

When is Sons Of The Forest coming out on ps5?

The creator of the games have explicitly mentioned that they have no plans to port the game to consoles whether it is PS4 or PS5 or Xbox. It will always be the game that you can play on the PC.

Parting Thoughts

Does Sons Of The Forest have an ending?

Absolutely, for now, we have an ending. It doesn’t necessarily have to be the same for everyone. Players can decide how they want the game to end with the decisions they make. And this choice makes the game uniquely fun for players.

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