The Great Bake Off | Merge Mansion

Great Bake Off Merge Mansion

The Great Bake Off Merge Mansion is a limited-time event on the game. After collecting Hopeberry, are you ready to work with chickens?

The event is a great way to add newness to the routine base game, plus you can win by completing interesting primary and secondary tasks. Read this guide as we explain what you need to focus on to collect, meanwhile, what is irrelevant.


Players will be asked to pick an in-game name. The prompt started appearing for players after 22nd May with level 12 and over.


You can earn the following gifts by finishing the primary tasks:

Ursala’s Blue Card
Cabinet Door
Handle, bolts & screw

In the base game, you will be prompted to finish a simple task to unlock the garage door for the event. once unlocked and placed in the base game, you can access the event game easily.


This new blue energy is just as same as the yellow energy in the base game. It gathers with time just like the yellow energy does in the base game. BUT there is a twist! In the base game, while you are doing primary tasks, you will see a tiny blue energy sign with components such as a Blue pouch, garden fork, garden knife, and such.

When you merge these components with a blue energy sign, you collect more blue energy which you will see adding up on the event garage door in the base game.

TIP: The more combination you make in the tool barrel, the more blue energy sign you will see with the lowest components such as garden fork and garden knife. This is how the game task page look like right now:

There are three tasks you can do simultaneously. First is the new event The Great Bake Off Merge Mansion, next is The Ursala’s Garage Cleanup, and last is the Pie Wars merge mansion. Pie Wars will also end by the end of May 2023. First, we will discuss The Great Bake Off Merge Mansion event.

The Great Bake Off Merge Mansion Event

great bake off merge mansion

The event is all about collecting cakes

How to Create Highest Chicken in Great Bake Off Merge Mansion

There is also completing the hen family in the great bake off merge mansion garage. First, there are the Hatchling > Baby Chick > Chicks > Pullet > Hen > Laying Hen > Chickens > A Brood of Hens > Small Hen House > Hen House > Chicken Coop

How to get chicken coop

How to Get Egg Batter

The more eggs you collect, the better baskets you make to the highest item of egg batter. Combien two Egg to make Two Eggs, when you combine a set of two eggs, you get a Bucket of Eggs, simultaneously, you unlock a Basket of Eggs, a Barrel of Eggs, and then Egg Batter.

how to get egg batter

How to Make Cakes in Great Bake Off Merge Mansion

After you unlock the Egg Batter you can create:

Fortune Cookie > Lemon Tart > Ice Cream Cake > Banoffee Pie > Glazed Cheesecake > Fancy Cheesecake > Classic Layer Cake > Fancy Cream Cheese Mousse Cake > Penuitimate Cake > Exceptional Celebration Cake.

how to get Exceptional Celebration Cake

These cakes get you medal points which then add to your group. Do you remember we mentioned the game started asking you for the in-game name, well this is the reason why!

Yup! That’s me, 6th in my team, adding a few medals from limited cakes I have unlocked. In this event, you will be assigned to a group by the game on criteria unknown – again the mysteries that surround Ursula‘s mansion!

Then there is Mister Rooster, who is generous with time and keeps popping out unlimited hourglasses

Besides the game, you have previous events such as Ursula’s garage clean up

ursula's garage clean up

There is a new video, you can get more information on the gameplay.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of scissors in the great bake off merge mansion?

The scissors are a wise tool to use. By using scissors on a particular item, it splits the item into two counterparts of the previous items of the merge chain. You get three chances in one scissor.

What is the reward of the great bake off merge mansion?

The reward of the great bake off merge mansion is cake stand and flowers.

Can I play merge mansion on PC?

Merge mansion is created for tablets and phones, but you can play the game on PC or laptop using other tools.

What is the aim of The Great Bake Off event?

The aim of the event is to add another element beside the base game. The event enables the players to win event gifts and earn more points.

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