How Many Seasons of How To Get Away With Murder

how many seasons of How to Get Away with Murder

ABC is home to several great series. The presence of Shonda Rhimes has brought crowd-turning shows. One such show is a legal drama featuring Viola Davis. Before binge-watching the series, you may want to know how many seasons of How to Get Away with Murder.

The series aired its pilot episode in October 2014, which was immediately received by viewers. The last episode, “Stay” aired in May 2020 marking the end of a tumultuous series at ABC Studios.

The show is highly recommended for viewers who love murder, mystery, and thrillers. If you are looking to know how many seasons of How to Get Away With Murder are there – I have all the info in this read.

Quick Rundown

Genre Legal Thriller – Mystery
Episodes 90
NetworkABC Studios
Creator Peter Nowalk
ProducerShonda Rhimes

Meet the Cast

*Contain spoilers

The cast is a combination of some very seasoned actors and some new actors who equally surprised us with their great performances.

Viola Davis – She appears as the lead protagonist, Annalise Keating, the law professor and defense attorney.

how many seasons of How to Get Away with Murder
From left to right – Annalise Keating, Frank Defino, and Bonnie Winterbottom

Carlie Weber – Frank Delfino was an extremely complex character and his loyalty to Annalise knew no bounds. Viewers remain curious about what could possibly be the reason for his blind loyalty to the professor.

Liza Weil – Bonnie Winterbottom worked for Annalise alongside Frank. They shared an eerie connection; Bonnie and Frank, also Annalise and Bonnie.

how to get away with murder Wes
Wes Gibbins

*Spoiler Alert

Alfred Enoch – Wes Gibbins, may still be Dean Thomas from the Gryffindor, but in the series, he is ‘one of the five’ star students who join Annalise Keating’s Law Firm. He died early, but later the series revealed the depth of his character, which by the way was a major shocker!

how to get away with murder laurel
Laurel Castillo

Karla Souza – Laurel Castillo was the reason for the major drama and plot twist. She became important to Annalise and kept her on her toes until the end.  

how to get away with murder Michaela
Michaela Pratt

Aja Naomi King – Michaela Pratt: the star of Keating 5, she was always quick to solve problems and kept her head collected in problematic situations, a routine in each episode.

how to get away with murder connor
Connor Walsh

Jack Falahee – Connor Walsh appeared subtle, and nonchalant but was one of the most empathetic, wise, and loyal. Thanks to him, we have Oliver in later seasons.    

how to get away with murder asher
Asher Millstone

Matt McGorry–Asher Millstone had a dark history like others, but he let the demons of the past get the best of him. The weak link and panicked lad, Asher came around till the end.

Keating teaches a course titled “How to Get Away With Murder,” which becomes a turning point in the lives of these five law students from Middleton University in Philidelphia: Wes, Connor, Michaela, Asher, and Laurel.

The students become embroiled in a web of murder, lies, and deceit as they navigate through law school while dealing with their professor’s real-world legal cases.

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How Many Seasons of How to Get Away With Murder | The Unique Perspective

Don’t let the how to get away with murder number of seasons be in your way to the decision of binge-watching the series. The creators have presented a unique way to watch the series.

Every episode starts with a flash-forward sequence. It would mostly comprise clips for hardly ten seconds but that was enough to jolt the viewer. The viewer cannot possibly rest until they have watched the complete episode.

The unique perspective was the style of the series and it remained that way until the last episode of the last season.      

How Many Seasons of How to Get Away with Murder | Breakdown

I have the answer to your question, how many seasons of How to Get Away With Murder? Let’s dissect in Shonda-style:

Season 1: The journey of ‘Keating 5’ begins with the first season, which aired in 2014. In the 15 episodes of season 1, viewers get a super fast introduction to the key characters, their complex relationships, even more complex pasts, and recent shenanigans. The season primarily revolves around the murder of a college student, Annalise’s husband, and certain students’ involvement in the case.

Season 2: The second season, also consisting of 15 episodes, delves deeper into the characters’ personal lives while unravelling more of Annalise’s past. As new mysteries unfold, tensions rise, and alliances are tested, leading to shocking revelations that change the trajectory of the series.

Season 3: Yet again 15 episodes, the third season continues to explore the consequences of the character’s actions, both in the present and in the past. Annalise and her students find themselves caught in a new web of lies and murders, forcing them to confront the truth and question their loyalties.

Season 4: In its fourth season, the series maintains momentum with 15 episodes mark. This season showcases the characters’ growth and the mounting tension surrounding their secrets. This season introduces a new mystery that threatens to expose everything they’ve tried to bury.

Season 5: The fifth season, again consisting of 15 episodes, explores the aftermath of a significant event and its impact on the characters. Relationships are tested, new challenges arise, and the characters must face the consequences of their choices as the series hurtles toward its climactic conclusion.

Season 6: The final season, sadly the last 15 episodes, offers closure to the storylines that have been built over the previous five seasons. The characters’ pasts and futures are interwoven as Annalise’s past actions catch up to her, and the students face their ultimate challenge.

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How To Get Away With Murder spans six gripping seasons. The show managed to captivate audiences with its intense legal drama, intricate plot twists, more drama, and outstanding performances by its talented cast.

As I reflect on the journey of Annalise Keating and her students, I am reminded of the power of storytelling to keep viewers invested in the lives of fictional characters and their complex worlds.

To answer your question, how many seasons of How to Get Away With Murder, we may have gotten carried away with the details and plot of the series. I tried to contain the Frank in me and tried to explain things in a Shonda-like style – layers!

Now that you know how many seasons of How to Get Away With Murder and how each episode starts with suspense, plan accordingly, and start watching wisely.

Happy Bingeing!