Lotto Dreams 2024 ǀ Turning Numbers into Millions


The enigma that has gripped the brit people for decades, the lotto is part of the English culture. The jackpot each week brings wins up to £2 million in each draw.

Most Britishers are seen buying lotto tickets, and these are a common purchase at every corner store and convenience store – just like cola and cigarettes.

The culture of buying a lotto ticket is deeply rooted in the culture and the wins are celebrated by neighbours and relatives.

Let’s explore the history and ways to win the next lotto.

Lotto Dreams

Lotto has been a major part of English culture. You can take your chances to win with a wager as low as £2. English folks always leave aside a lotto budget hoping to win someday.

With the dream to own a house someday or travel the world, you would be amazed at how many tickets are bought each week.

UK Lotto

This draw results in £2 million in each draw.

The ticket owner matches two or more numbers out of six in the list. The lottery is exclusive to England, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England.

Draw takes place on Saturday and Wednesday evenings each week. You can find the results instantly in the evening here.

UK Lotto Prizes

lotto tricks

There are six wins in each category. For instance, if you match three numbers from your list, you get to win £30.

However, every ticket buyer is hoping for a jackpot. The starting value is different on each day, Wednesday and Saturday, so is the win. For example, the wins start at £2 million on Wednesdays, and £3.8 million on Saturdays.

Sometimes there is more than one winner. In that case, the win is shared between the two winners. And when there is no winner for the day, the prize money rolls over to the next draw.

How to Play

Here are some steps on how to buy a ticket to play online or from a licensed UK retailer. Here is what you need to do:    

  • The cost per line of lotto is £2.
  • Pick six numbers from 1 and 59. Select the numbers and go for the lucky dip to get six randoms.
  • It is best to pick seven numbers from each slip. Seven is the maximum number you can select in each ticket.
  • Pick a day for the draw, Wednesday, Saturday, or both. You can play for four consecutive weeks.
  • You can purchase the entries before 7:30 p.m.

Rolldown, Rollovers & Must Be Won  

The jackpot is rolled over for five consecutive draws before giving away. At that point ‘must be won’ draw takes place.

In this draw, jackpot money is given even when no one matches all six numbers. With no ‘match 6’ means no winners, it results in the ‘jackpot rolldown’ activates and the prize is distributed among other prize winners. 

In ‘rolldown’ everyone who matched two numbers receives £5 along with the wins of Lucky Dip. Then there is a certain percentage of wins that goes to those who got match 3 and match 5, in addition to their wins.

Here are infographics for an easy read:

lotto tricks
lotto tricks
lotto tricks

Other National Lottery Games

Besides EuroMillions, there are many other lottery games played each week. Here are some of the mainstream ones:

Lotto HotPicks

The game has the same method of winning numbers in lotto draw however it is treated as a separate game. The cost per line is only £1. First, you need to decide how many numbers you plan to match.

For example, Pick 1 game, pick and try to match just one number up to Pick 5 game. When you pick fewer numbers the chances of wins are slim.

If you select Pick 5 game, matching four or fewer numbers gets you no wins. The biggest win is £350,000, and the possibility to get it is by picking match five numbers.


It is another UK National Lottery Game that announces results every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The highest prize is £500,000 and is achieved by selecting five main numbers from 1 to 39, and the Thunderball number from 1 to 14.

If a person matches five numbers and a Thunderball number, they get the top prize of £500,000. There are eight other prizes and the winner gets them by matching Thunderball. You can get all the other detailed information here.     

Set For Life

The first-ever lottery in the UK, Set For Life is drawn each Monday and Thursday. The cost per line is only £1.50. You have the selection to make from Life Ball 1 and 10, and main numbers ranging from 1 to 47.

The top prize is annuity wins and winners get their wins in a certain period of time. The top win is £10,000, and a total of £3.6 million matches five numbers and Life Ball to win it for 30 years.

The second prize is £10,000 every month for a year and a total of £120,000 just to match the five main numbers. To catch the latest wins of Set for Life, click here.

The chances of winning the biggest win is 1 in £15,339,390

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can you get Irish lotto results?

You can find the results on the official website

Which is better the UK lottery or the Irish lottery?

Chances of winning the UK lottery are 1 in 45 million and for the Irish lottery, chances increase to 1 in 10 million.  

What is the lucky number for the Irish lotto draw?

12 has been the luckiest since 2006. After the change of format to Emerald Isle Lottery the number 2, 3, 15, 36, 38 has proven lucky with frequent appearances.

How to win lotto?

1. Play consistently
2. Pay attention to the repetitions and common pattern
3. Join a syndicate or lottery pool
4. Don’t make irrational decisions