Merge Mansion Mosaic | Complete Guide!

merge mansion mosaic

The merge fanatics talk about one of the most difficult tasks of all is completing the merge mansion mosaic. Getting the level twelve mosaic requires a lot of work. Here is the guide to get Merge Mansion mosaic level 12.

How to Get Merge Mansion Mosaic Level 12

To get Mosaic you need to follow this method. As any sane person, you will have the question, where do we get the merge mansion mosaic? So here is a complete guide with pictures to make it easy for you.

How to get Mosaic in MERGE MANSION

Use of Drawer in Merge Mansion

The drawers are a great element of the game. Many merges are generated from the source. The first element ‘drawer knob’ combines subsequently with more elements to finally make the Drawer. Here are the merges that form the final product.

Drawer Knob > Drawer Knobs > Drawer Box > Drawer Boxes > Drawer > Drawer > Drawer

Now you will ask how to get the Drawer Knob. Relevant question! Here is how you get the drawer knob. As you participate in events, goals, and tasks, you get the wooden chest. These chests contain many items including drawer knobs. A level four drawer box can start giving you pots and other items. Element from the drawers are of various use. Here is the first use of elements of the drawer.

Vase Merge Mansion

vase for merge mansion mosaic

Here is the merge sequence for the vase.

Vase I > Vase I > Vase III > Vase IV > Vase V > Vase VI > Vase VII > Vase VIII > Vase IX > Vase X > Vase XI

Do you see these vases are different in shape, size, and color but there is another distinct difference? Here is a hint, look at Vase I, II, and III. Yes, the lightning bolt! These vases can be clicked to disperse into two elements – shrapnel and pouch.

Remember, you can’t just get the shrapnel and pouch from the vase. There is a wait time until you see the lightning bolt on these vases. The easiest one is Vase III ‘the pink vase’ which takes only one hour. Then Vase II, a blue checkered vase takes 3 hours, and then Vase I takes 6 hours to be ready to turn into Shrapnel and Pouch.

Merge Sequence for Pouch

how to make family locket merge mansion

Pouch > Closed Locket > Locket > Family Locket > Family Locket

The Family Locket has significance on various levels, especially when you are trying to unlock the area *Romantic Spot.* The other element shrapnel looks like this:

merge mansion mosaic shrapnel

The shrapnel combines to make various merges that finally result in the Merge Mansion mosaic element and other elements.

Merge Mansion Mosaic Uses

These merges are the requirement of many primary and secondary tasks. Moreover, you would need to Merge Mansion mosaic in various events like the flower market and unlock the areas. Here is the merge sequence for the mosaic.

Mosaic I > Mosaic II > Mosaic III > Mosaic IV > Mosaic V > Mosaic VI > Mosaic VII > Mosaic VIII > Mosaic IX > Mosaic X > Mosaic XI > Mosaic XII

Clearly, this is not helpful. Images help you understand the sequence better. Don’t forget to turn up the volume, the game track makes the work easy. Cinderella sang songs while working for a reason.

merge mansion mosiac sequence

This video is a great help, watch the player make these merges on the base game.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get mosaic in Merge Mansion?

You get mosaics from Vase I, Vase II, and Vase III.

What is the use of mosaic tiles in Merge Mansion?

The mosaic tiles combine to make various elements that help finish certain primary tasks and unlock areas.