How to Get Merge Mansion Planted Flower

merge mansion planted flower

Are you as confused as Maddie, looking for ways to get Merge Mansion planted flowers?

Merge Mansion is an interesting quest game where Maddie (key character) comes to restore the Mansion only to find her grandmother Ursula, an unpredictable woman hiding mysteries in the mansion.

The same goes for the castle. As she explores different sections of the castle, she discovers secret treasures, secrets from her grandmother’s past, and much more.

New events like the flower market keep adding more to the event.

Why Is It Difficult to Play Merge Mansion?

Merge Mansion was created by Metacore and released in 2020. It was instantly available on iOS and Android. The game lacks guidance for new players. For instance, where do I get merge mansion planted flowers? Where is the merge mansion planted flower seed coming from? How to get the tool bucket?

merge mansion planted flower

To create any element, there is no guidance or tutorial. Or are the developers keeping it aligned with Ursula’s personality – we can only wonder.

What is Merge Mansion Planted Flower? 

As you progress through the game, you can unlock new types of flowers and other garden decorations to add to your virtual garden. Each season, the game comes with new updates, hence new flowers and decorative items. 

Some seasonal items, such as Easter and Christmas decorations, are for a limited time and go as the season ends. The game remunerates those items with the in-game currency – the coins. 

The game’s ultimate goal is to create a thriving and beautiful garden by merging as many flowers as possible.

How Many Flowers Are in Merge Mansion? 

Many different types of flowers can be found and merged in Merge Mansion, and the exact number can vary depending on the version of the game and any updates or expansions that have been released. 

There were over 100 different types of flowers available in the game, including peonies, orange flowers, planted flowers, lilies, cacti, Monstera, Orchid, Venus Flytrap, and Giant Rafflesia in the catalog of Merge Mansion planted flowers.

How to Create Merge Mansion Planted Flower? 

Merge Mansion Planted Flower is a nine-step routine to create the planted flower. It starts with a tiny white seed which then merges with another white seed, making planted flower seedlings. 

At the same, you keep merging the next created item with the same item to create a newly planted flower until you reach level nine, the max level to create a merge mansion planted flower. The flower isn’t available from level one. You need to progress in the game to reach the level to unlock new items. 

merge mansion planted flower

Here are the steps to participate in the Merge Mansion Planted Flower event:

  1. Make sure you have reached the required level in Merge Mansion. The Planted Flower event is usually available for players who have reached level 7 or higher.
  2. Check if the event is currently available by looking for the event icon on the game’s main screen. The icon looks like a flowerpot with a green plant in it.
  3. Tap on the event icon to access the event. You will be taken to a particular area where you can participate in the Planted Flower event.
  4. In the event, you must merge different types of flowers to create bigger and more valuable ones. The goal is to create as many high-level flowers as possible before the event ends.
  5. As you merge flowers, you will earn points and rewards that can be used to unlock new decorations and other items for your Merge Mansion.

What is Merge Mansion? 

Merge Mansion involves merging identical objects, such as furniture, decorations, and other household items, to create enhanced and valuable items. 

As you progress the levels earning level points, you can unlock new rooms, uncover secrets, and solve mysteries related to the Mansion’s history. Ursula and her mysterious vibe resonate a lot with Evelyn of Everything Everywhere All At Once. The mystery of the character is what keeps the players going.

Merge Mansion features story-driven gameplay. There is a constant interaction of Maddie with Grandma, town people, the inspector, and friends. Every now and then, with an update, we get new characters like Ignatius Boulton, Lindsay Boulton, Casey & Skatie, and Mason. Overall, the game is a fun-packed and engaging experience for players who enjoy puzzle-solving, mystery, and decorating games.

Merge Mansion and Marketing

Metacore is deploying an innovative and interesting approach to game marketing. In April 2022, the company released 12 tracks featuring Merge Mansion’s soundtracks.

Recently, Pedro Pascal is seen perplexed in short teasers, where he is investigating the murder at the Boulton family’s mansion.

On March 28, 2023, there was a celebration at Paramour Estate in Los Angeles, United States where the guests had an immersive experience, at the estate. They also had to work together to solve Ursula’s puzzles and mysteries.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to get Merge Mansion planted flower seed?

how to get merge mansion planted flower seed

You can get the Merge Mansion planted flower seed from the Blossoming Bush.

Does Merge Mansion have an ending?

Currently, Merge Mansion has no end. The game keeps adding new quests and areas to clear.