Only Murders in the Building Season 3 | Let’s Discuss Each Episode Every Week

Only Murders in the Building Season 3

The most awaited series Only Murders in the Building Season 3 comes out on the 8th of August on Hulu and we cannot contain it. I mean did you watch the intro to Meryl Streep? She got us hooked. She acts, she sings, what she can not do!

Did you not know Meryl Streep and some new faces join the series? Let’s check out the list of the cast before I get into the specifics of each episode.  

The Cast of Only Murders in the Building Season 3

only murders in the building season 3
  • Steve Martin – Charles- Haden Savage
  • Martin Short – Oliver Putnam
  • Selena Gomez – Mabel Mora
  • Meryl Streep – Loretta Durkin
  • Paul Rudd – Ben Glenroy
  • Michael Cyril Creighton – Howard Morris
  • Jackie Hoffman – Uma Heller
  • Teddy Coluca – Lester
  • Ryan Broussard – Will Putnam
  • Nathan Lane – Teddy Dimas
  • Ashley Park – Kimber
  • Jesse Williams – Tobert

How Many Episodes of Only Murders in the Building Season 3

There are ten episodes scheduled for Only Murders in the Building season 3. The first two episodes premiered on 8th August and then each episode upcoming week. Every Tuesday, be ready to be astonished, agonized, and then left in the lurch on Hulu.   

Episode 1 – The Show Must…

Things finally change for Oliver Putnam in Only Murders in the Building Season 3. He is directing a Broadway play. He gathers an amazing cast, and right on the premier, the lead actor dies on stage – talk about Oliver’s bad luck!

Charles is also in the cast – apparently, Putnam begged him. Loretta is a tough cookie but Oliver sees the potential.  

As the show starts, the lead star, Ben dies. Shocked, disgruntled, and confused, all the cast goes to Arconia to attend the already planned after-party – minus Ben. Here Loretta surprises even further by singing and conveying her advances for Putnam. Right then, Ben enters the party, alive!

only murders in the building season 3

In a few bitter-sweet moments, he addresses everyone, apologizes, and leaves. This is when Putnam and Charles go to Mabel’s apartment and learn she is moving out.

In a haze-like situation, the trio enters the elevator, consoling each other for the end of the podcast since Ben is alive. Right then, Ben’s now completely dead body drops in the elevator with Uma Heller conveniently there to witness them in the elevator with the corpse. The trio is framed again.  

Mabel was right, who are we without a homicide?!

Episode 2 – The Beat Goes On

In the second episode, Oliver is circling with worry because his lifeline, his Titanic is drowning. Meanwhile, Mabel is back to talking to dead people, that’s her thing.

Ben’s funeral was quite eventful. Oliver was trying to meet Donna and Cliff (his producers) who were at “the close circuit upstairs,” while the trio was seated downstairs in “overflow three.”

Mabel meets Gregg who introduces himself as Ben’s security. He had a lot of information and was investigating the murder too. He invited Mabel to come look at his files, she took Charles with him to his place.

Gregg who had other motives and doubts, abducted Mabel and Charles. Meanwhile, Putnam experiences severe chest pains and collapses in the church.

only murders in the building season 3

Mabel and Charles find themselves chained in some basement. Charles was right, Mabel has bad radars. However, they were rescued immediately. Just when Putnam was told to take it easy, he had an idea to change the dynamics of his play, the idea made his heart jump some beats!

Episode 3 – Grab Your Hankies

Putnam is seen immersed in sheets of notes, revamping and working on his idea. He meets Donna and Cliff, where Cliff is seen disagreeing with his mother for the first time. Mabel and Charles are obsessed with seeing handkerchiefs as they link Hanky to the murderer’s clue.

Mabel took pictures of Ben lying in the elevator with the hanky in his hand. The hanky that was gifted to the cast. They believe whoever pushed Ben, must have it on them, and Ben grabbed the hanky while struggling.

After getting a go-ahead from Donna and Cliff, Putnam started practice sessions with the cast with the new narrative – the musical. Soon Putnam gets another bad news – Loretta gets an offer from a mainstream streaming service, the break she always wanted. Now this jeopardizes her availability for the musical.

Mabel meets the videographer, Tobert, Robert with the T, who was briefly introduced earlier. They lied to each other as they ascended to Ben’s apartment, but they both had a motive. Mabel was looking for clues, while, Tobert was looking for his drive.

The cast was skeptical about the play, the new direction, only then Loretta’s performance blow everyone away. Meanwhile, Mabel and Tobert are looking at a mistakenly recorded clip from Ben’s dressing room – a potential suspect emerges.

only murders in the building season 3

During Loretta’s performance, Kimberly joined in singing. We are made to believe she isn’t happy because attention isn’t focused on her, hence the need to jump in. Oliver suspects Kimberly now as she is unsure where her hanky is. Only murders in the building season 3 have too many suspects.

Episode 4 – The White Room

In Only Murders in the Building season 3 episode four, Mabel is seen looking at new apartments, at the same time, Charles has asked his girlfriend Joy to move in.

The trio is investigating Kimberly with all their might. Meanwhile, we are keeping an eye on Charles’s girlfriend given his history. Joy is Charles’s friend from Brazo’s days, she was the makeup artist.

only murders in the building season 3

Charles is also developing a White Room disorder. He blames the set he is performing, but the truth is Putnam figured out. It has to do with Joy moving in. Being Grinch in relationships, they decide to face their fear and own their feelings.

Mabel was getting calls from an unknown number, which was disclosed in this episode, it was Cinda Canning. She offered Mabel to partner with her for the podcast – Mabel refused her enormous paychecks.

Putnam and Mabel found lipstick which is a potential clue, turns out it was the missing lipstick from Joy’s makeup box. Now they have a long list of suspects but no answers.

Recap of Only Murders in the Building Season 1

The series follows three strangers (Mabel Mora, Charles Haden, and Oliver Putnam), who are obsessed with a true-crime podcast. Inspired by the podcast and their shared love for true crime, they decide to investigate the mysterious death of their neighbor (Tim Kono) in their Upper West Side apartment building, the Arconia.

Charles-Haden Savage is a former television star; Oliver Putnam is a Broadway director with a tainted history; and Mabel Mora is a mysterious young woman who recently moved to New York City. They formed a podcast called “Only Murders in the Building” to investigate the murder.

The series begins with the death of Tim Kono, a resident of the Arconia. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are all fans of a true-crime podcast, “All Is Not OK in Oklahoma.” They decided to start their own podcast to investigate Tim’s death.

They quickly deduce a list of people in the Arconia who may have the motive to kill Tim Kono. The list included Bunny Folger, Teddy Dimas and Tim’s ex-girlfriend Zoe Kravitz was also a suspect.

The three podcasters also start to uncover dark secrets about each other. Charles learns that he may not be as innocent as he thought he was. Oliver learns that he may not be as good of a friend as he thought he was. And Mabel learns that she may not be as alone as she thought she was.

In the end, Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are able to solve the mystery of Tim Kono’s death. They also learn that true-crime podcasts can be dangerous and that sometimes the truth is more complicated than it seems.

As they investigate, they uncover dark secrets about their neighbors. The series is a funny and suspenseful mystery that will keep you guessing until the very end.

Recap of Only Murders in the Building Season 2

Only Murders in the Building season 2 picks up right where the first season left off. Charles, Oliver, and Mabel are in jail, as suspects in Bunny Folger’s murder.

They are resolute to clear their names. But they are facing an interesting threat: a copycat killer who is targeting podcasters.

The trio team up with their new friend, Detective Williams. They strive to solve the mystery of the copycat killer and clear their names – with the motive to keep adding more to the podcast. In the pursuit, they uncover more dark secrets about Arconia and the people who live there.

Only Murders in the Building season 2 is even more suspenseful and oblique than the first season.

Where to Watch Only Murders in the Building Season 3

Only Murders in the Building Season 3 airs only on Hulu, each Tuesday night at midnight Eastern 9 p.m. Pacific time. No, the series doesn’t air on Netflix or Max. It will only air on Hulu.