When Does Disney Dreamlight Valley Update Come Out?

Disney Dreamlight Valley update

The intriguing, interesting Gameloft creation has grasped us by the sharpened hook, and we cannot help but wonder when we get the next Disney Dreamlight Valley update.

Currently, there are seventeen stories which means there is so much to resolve. Each story has its set of challenges and ends with a reward. Many would find similarities between Animal Crossing and Dreamlight Valley, but if you start playing, you would learn their storylines and quests will outdo other similar games of this genre.

We are listing some key information about the game for you.

DeveloperGameloft Montreal
Platforms Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, One, Xbox Series X/S, and macOS
GenreAdventure, Simulation
Release 2023

Before we address the topic of when Disney Dreamlight Valley updates roll out, we need to get to fine details of the game. For readers who need to get to the main aspect of ‘Disney Dreamlight Valley Update’, skip a few headings.

disney dreamlight valley update

Game Play

The game takes you to the titular world of Dreamlight Valley, a magical valley where you will meet various Disney and Pixar characters. You can select clothing with the option “Touch of Magic.” The player can pick their character with several customizations that live in the valley.

The aim is to clear away the Night Thorns in the valley. Night thorns are magical plants oozing with dark magic and aren’t good for the well-being of the Valley. To survive, the player cooks food using ovens and a campfire. If the player consumes meals instead of food grown and harvested in the valley, they get an instant bout of energy. With that energy, the player can leap and move faster.

The in-game currency, Star Coins, can be spent purchasing crops, seeds, materials, and food. You will meet Remy the mouse from Ratatouille at the restaurant as he cooks you delicious meals. Meanwhile, Goofy has stalls set up across the valley selling materials and tools. Master Scrooge manages many businesses and you would see him often for all dealings.

The creator of the game has kept the essence of the characters that are used in the game. It is great to interact with these characters instead of nobodies you meet in other games. Most of the game revolves around survival, adventure, and simulation.

Players can make friends with villagers, heroes, and villains. You can build a repo with villagers and heroes who, in turn, can get you some benefits while you do gardening, mining, fishing, digging, harvesting, and other activities with them. Sometimes, you get Star Points and earn rewards such as furniture and clothes.   


You meet all the Disney characters like Anna, Buzz Lightyear, Elsa, Olaf, Goofy, Prince Eric, Woody, WALL-E, Nala, Remy, Scar, Donald Duck, Kristoff, Micky Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Maui, Simba, Scrooge McDuck, Moana, Mother Gothel and anyone you can imagine.

characters in dreamlight valley

The next Disney Dreamlight Valley update announces Pumbaa, Beast, Ralph, Sulley, Vanellope, Timon, Cinderella, EVE, Belle, and Pumbaa.

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The New Disney Dreamlight Valley Update

There are different sections and panels with the potential for new panels. The castle itself has 24 unused panels that could be placed in the portal. With the new Disney Dreamlight update, we can anticipate there are more areas to unlock and explore.

The game’s creators teased the update at the beginning of summer 2023. We can expect the new update to roll out in the first week of June. The creators mentioned that Cinderella’s story featuring her castle is expected to arrive in the next update.

The last update, which came out on February 16th, 2023, introduced characters like Mirabel, Olaf, and Centennial-themed Star Path. Unlike Son Of The Forest, Dreamlight Valley doesn’t have an end – yet!

Frequently Asked Questions

When will Disney Dreamlight Valley updates come out?

The new update is set to roll out sometime in June 2023.

What is the file size of Dreamlight Valley?

You would need at least 10 GB of space to download the game.

Is Dreamlight Valley suitable for children?

Dreamlight Valley is suitable for all ages. Children who can comprehend the rules can play the game. Content in the game is kept strictly appropriate for all ages.

What devices can I play Dreamlight Valley?

You can play Dreamlight Valley on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and Windows.

How is Dreamlight Valley different from Animal Crossing?

Dreamlight Valley has multiple realms and quests that keep updating. The game has a layout that teases more to come in the future. The great thing that makes gameplay fun is familiar Disney characters instead of nobodies in Animal Crossing.

How to get 200 clay in Disney Dreamlight Valley?

If unlocked, the best places to find clay in Dreamlight Valley are Glade of Trust, Forgotten Lands, and Sunlit Plateau.     

Is there Rapunzel in Dreamlight Valley?

is there rapunzel in dreamlight valley

Rapunzel is not yet introduced in Dreamlight Valley. But we can see Mother Gothel in the game.   

What is the max level of Dreamlight Valley?

The max level of Dreamlight Valley is 50. But the new Disney Dreamlight Valley update will soon add more levels and realms.