Everything You Need to Know About Canada Digital Nomad Visa

Canada Digital Nomad Visa

The visa we have all been waiting for, the Canada digital nomad visa will roll out by the end of 2023, and there will be traffic.

Are you ready for the requirements of the Canada Digital Nomad Visa? Let’s discuss all there is to know and how you can be prepared when the visa is online.

Canada Digital Nomad Visa

Canada Digital Nomad Visa

The visa is no different from other countries, it is safe to assume. There is one thing not left for imagination – the duration.

The embassy outlines a total of six months duration for the digital nomads. While you are in the country with a Canada Digital nomad visa, you can work only with foreign employers.

But if you land a job and get a temporary work permit, that’s gold! Stick around for 1,095 days in three years and then you are eligible for the neutralization rule that enables you to apply for citizenship.

Now that’s the good news we all were waiting for!

Requirements for Canada Digital Nomad Visa

Regulating bodies are working on the requirements. But here are some of the valid points we need to work on when the visas roll out

  • Valid passport with ample expiry
  • Proof of employment (safe to assume 1000 USD/month)
  • Submit fingerprints and photograph
  • Medical examination
  • Certificate for character  

The regulating bodies believe you will support your stay in the country and not apply for refugee status.

How to Travel to Canada as Digital Nomad

Canada Digital Nomad Visa requirements

Let’s make it simple as the Canadian government, it is a visitor visa. Yes, the requirements are as one needs to fulfill for a visitor visa. Now you need to check the requirements that are unique to your country.

If you are on the list of countries that are exempted from the visa, you only need to produce an Electronic Travel Authorization aka eTA.

You can apply for eTA online on the immigration website. The other initials you see are TRV meaning temporary resident permit. So if you are a country that requires TRV, check the requirements and fulfill them to submit to the visa officer in your country.

You may not know, but your skill is highly paid, and wanted in Canada, why not check and get ahead in the game with this quiz?  

Why Canada Digital Nomad Visa is a Better Opportunity

Canada Digital Nomad Visa

In this news conference, the minister of the Department of Immigration Sean Fraser was very clear about the policies. At the conference at Collision in June 2023, he launched the new visa policies under the Tech Talent Strategy.

The idea is to combat the gap in the tech industry and attract more employees who can benefit themselves and Canada from this opportunity. There has been a greater emphasis on STEM, start-ups, tech specialists, and individuals who meet Canada’s skill shortage category.

He also pointed out; that the country is very open about the opportunities the applicants with Canada digital nomad visas are in for.

Unlike countries like Iceland, Montserrat, and Thailand, Canada will have an easy income threshold. Meanwhile, certain countries want you to travel out of the country by the end of the visa period.

Whereas, Canada is happy for you if you secure an employment opportunity in the first six months and convert your Canada digital nomad visa into a temporary work permit visa.  

It all depends on what province you pick. If you decide to go to Ontario, the chances are slim, but if you go to Manitoba, Alberta, and Nova Scotia, chances are, you will find employment.

Whoever Ontario has most job openings at certain times of the year. We recommend you get your profile ready on multiple job sites before you fly, so hence you do not waste any day of those six months.

Each province has unique requirements for professionals. You need to go to the official Canadian immigration website and explore the options.

It is a great opportunity for freelancers, bloggers, vloggers, and remote workers to start fresh.

What Other Countries Are Offering Digital Nomad Visas?

The world is realizing the importance of working from home and digital work dynamics post-Covid-19. European countries such as Macedonia, Portugal, Hungary, Norway, Estonia, Croatia, Cyprus, Romania, Malta, Greece, Georgia, Latvia, Iceland, and Spain have introduced the Digital Nomad Visa.      

Then if you aim for countries in the USA, you have Uruguay, Panama, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Curacao, Colombia, Costa Rica, and Brazil.

In Asia, you can opt for Malaysia, Thailand, and UAE. While in Africa you can go to Seychelles, Cape Verde, Namibia, and Mauritius.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the Canada Digital nomad visa come out?

The governing bodies have indicated the new policies will roll out for Canada Digital Nomad Visa by the end of 2023.

Can you extend the Canada digital nomad visa?

The visa can be transferred to a temporary resident permit when securing a job with a Canadian employer.    

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