Get Ready for Grandma’s Pool Party Event!

Grandma’a Pool Party Event

Grandma Ursula hates birthdays, but we wouldn’t leave an opportunity to celebrate her. Get ready and bring out your sunnies and floaties, time for splash-splash fun at Grandma’s Pool Party Event.

August is the time to say adios to summer and get ready for fall. What better way to prepare for the transition than with a Grandma’a Pool Party Event?

Ursula has been very vocal about hating her birthday celebration and all the fuss. But we know she loves celebrations, pool parties, and gifts. Hence we give a twist to the party so she can soak and enjoy the celebration with her coolest sister Deb.

grandma's pool party event

What Do We Get Out Of Grandma’s Pool Party Event?

The event is a great way to stock up on the win that will make you level up in the base game. Moreover, you can also win accelerators such as Ursula’s Blue Card, Reward Box, Blue Chest, Brown Chest, Unlimited Energy, Scissors, and whatnot.

rewards of grandma's pool party event

Event Mechanics

Prerequisite Level 12
How to BeginYou get the event gate by finishing a primary task in the base game
RewardsYou can unlock the decorations of the pool party

Tip to Get You Through Game

tips for grandma's pool party event

Now this may look gibberish to some seeing so many new elements. Don’t worry, we got it all sorted with detailed explanations and step-by-step merges for your understanding.

How to Get Disco Ball in Grandma’s Pool Party Event

The moment the game starts, you finish some game tasks to unlock Fancy Cabinet. From Fancy Cabinet you get the following merges:

Baking Book > Baking Book 2 > Baking Book 3

book shelf grandma's pool party event

The Baking Books then give macaron, pie dough, and Cake Batter.

grandma's pool party event

Pie Dough > Pie Crust > Pie Filling > Pie Bake > Pie Box > Pie Serving

The Pie Serving also produces Cake Knife.

Tip: You don’t want to merge the pie box instantly to make a pie serving. Instead, keep getting some pie crust from the box. In this way, you will be able to make more Pie Serving.

How to Get Cake Tower

cake batter grandma's pool party event

Cake Batter Level 1> Cake Layer > Cake Sandwich > Cake Stack > Cake Tower

How to Get Disco Ball

disco ball grandma's pool party event

Macaron > Tea Cup > Tea Set > Tea Stand > Shattered Stand > Disco Ball

From Disco Ball, we can get two sets of elements – Young Ursula’s Swag Kit & Pool Floats. Let’s see how we can combine these to achieve the highest level of elements.

How to Get an Inflatable Pool Slide

grandma's pool party event

Beach Ball > Swim Ring > Pool Lounger > Donut Swim Ring > Flamingo Swim Ring > Canopy Lounger > Inflatable Pool Slide

How to Get a Bike Helmet   

young ursula swag kit grandma's pool party event

Aviators > Leather Necklace > Flower Crown > Platform Sandals > Boho Satchel > Sun Hat > Bike Helmet

Now taking the Bike Helmet in combination with a Cake Knife, Perfume, or often an Inflatable Pool Slide, you can activate the birthday cake.

grandma's pool party event

Which then activates the Birthday Party

grandma's pool party event

From the Birthday party, you can get cake slices which then can be merged to get the podcasting kit. I hope it’s all starting to make some sense. It is one of the highest tasks to unlock the podcasting kit. Probably Grandma is collaborating with the true crime detective from Only Murder In The Building to uncover the mysteries of Boulton Mansion.

How to Get the Podcasting Kit

grandma's pool party event

Slice > Three Quarters > Half > Lucky Bite > Secret Key > Mystery Map > Secret Box > Podcasting Kit

From the Podcasting Kit, you can get Podcast Equipment

grandma's pool party event

Empty Cassette Tape > Tape Recorder > Notepad and Pen > ???

We, just like you, are on our way to explore what comes next. As we discover we are constantly updating the progress.

How to Get Perfume at Grandma’s Pool Party Event

how to get perfume in grandma's pool party

Gift Box I > Gift Box II > Gift Box III

From these Gift Boxes, you can get Perfumes.

how to get perfume in grandma's pool party event

Perfume > Perfume Collection > Sophisticated Perfume > Expensive Perfume > Elegant Perfume

Frequently Asked Questions

How to play Grandma’s pool party event?

rewards of grandma's pool party event

You have to merge elements to get a cake knife, helmet, and pie serving. with those, you can activate your Birthday party and get more merges. Mostly you have to complete all the event tasks to level up and get pool party collection.

How to get the podcasting kit in Merge Mansion?

To get the podcasting kit, merge the slice to get more merges then finally the podcasting kit.