Casey and Skatie Merge Mansion Event ǀ The Complex Task

Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

The task is not finished for the sake of attempting it but it opens the gateway to many more events.

Besides the Ignatius Boulton event, this task becomes extremely teeth-gritting and difficult to finish. And no one likes unfinished things. So, let’s get started and finish the Casey and Skatie Merge Mansion event.


As soon as you clean the Beach House, you immediately get the Casey and Skatie merge mansion ‘fix sign task.’

The event gate can be accessed from the event button on the game’s main screen. The sign looks like this:


Reward for the Casey and Skatie Merge Mansion Event

The rewards of the event are pool toys that merge to make bigger toys. And then there are plenty of beach items that you can merge to get the most wanted, the Casey and Skatie sign.

Merging Your Way to the Casey and Skatie Sign

casey & skatie merge mansion

The Pool Toys

Beach Ball
Swimming Matress
Inflatable Donut
Inflatable Crab
Inflatable Turtle
Inflatable Dolphin

Tips and Tricks for Pool Toys

  • Keep the board cleaner to stock up on the pool toys.
  • If possible, stock up on Ursula’s Blue Card to make things easier.
  • You would need loads of butterflies and moths, make sure you have ways to get them constantly.

Casey and Skatie

casey & skatie merge mansion
Katie ‘Skatie’ Boulton CaseySkatieMergeMansion
Avid Roller Skater CaseySkatieMergeMansion
Outgoing Beach ComberCaseySkatieMergeMansion
Casey ‘Hang Ten’ SchultzCaseySkatieMergeMansion
Surfer Legend CaseySkatieMergeMansion
Beach is his home CaseySkatieMergeMansion
They fall in love CaseySkatieMergeMansion
Settle in Beaumont Hall CaseySkatieMergeMansion
Waiting for legendary wave CaseySkatieMergeMansion
Surfboard and SkatesCaseySkatieMergeMansion
Surfer comes CaseySkatieMergeMansion
The Casey’s skateboard CaseySkatieMergeMansion

More Tips and Tricks for Casey and Skatie Merge Mansion

It still looks complicated, right?

With all the props and images it would have given some clarity. Now here is a roadmap for more clarity.

how to play Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

Even when things get tough, the video is long, but explains a great deal!