All About Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary Month ǀ Events, Gameplay & Surprises

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary festivities kick off and they will last for a month. Also, the game theme undergoes a change to brace the fall season.

We love the way the game includes gifts, surprises, and more gifts! The Metacore game turns three on 16th September 2023.

For now, we know that we get 1000 coins, an hourglass, and a mystery pie. Deb is also going to bring Maddie in for her exotic flower blooming journey.

Besides, there are loads of bundles of gifts and event collections you can buy from the store during the event.

What’s New in September ǀ Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary Special

The game creators promised to bring mystery specials each month. We have already played Juluis’s & Roddy’s Mystery Event. This fall, we can earn more rewards from Deb’s Mystery event.

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary

The event will continue for 24 days.

New Update for Producers

We all have been tired of the old things hence exciting new things begin. The Drawer has five new levels, so let’s begin merging. Also, the Toolbox, and broom cabinet get another level in their boards.

New Hideouts

Maddie finds the new hideouts “Charlie’s Hideout” and “The Dining Room.” Charlie is Maddie’s grandfather, and the hideout definitely skeletons in the closet.

Maddie discovered some evidence of an indecipherable conversation in the form of letters between Ursula and Charlie. She also found some foreign passports, costumes, weapons, and weird masks.

Since Dining Room will be an elaborate update, it will come out in three parts according to the creators. Deb mentions how this room was always eventful and housed some famous people.  

Deb is someone you cannot ignore due to her spontaneous nuggets of wisdom.

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary

Global Giveaways

To celebrate the spirit of the game becoming three, the creators rolled out some gifts for the loyal gamers. You can expect to get:

  • 1000 Coins from September 8th until 12th
  • Hourglass from September 13th until 17th
  • Mystery Pie from September 18th until 22nd

Collector Items

For those of us who cannot seem to finish the Ignatius Boulton event, this is the time as the game is rolling out some limited-time accelerations to complete the event.

The anniversary event is open for those who have retrieved the tin can for the Ignatius Boulton statue – another reason to finish the Ignatius Boulton event this fall.

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary

You must be level 20 and above to make it all happen and enjoy the festivities.

Fall Theme with Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary Event

The Hopewell Bay looks beautiful in fall colors. Trees and shrubs are vibrant shades of red and brown. An occasional leaf falling from the tree is a nice new feature of the theme.

The update was released on 12th September and you can download it from the game.

Mystery of the Month ǀ What is Deb’s Mystery

Deb, Ursula’s sister is as inconspicuous as her sister. She is excited for her pungent-smelling Corpse Flower which is blooming after ten years.

Why she loves it, what is the history behind it, no one knows. All we know, Maddie is working along with Deb. And there are prizes involved.  

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary

Merges for Titan Arum Life Cycle

Corm > Sprout > Flower Bud > Inflorescence

While new updates will roll out for the fishing event, the corms keep emerging on the main board in Merge Mansion 3rd anniversary event. Then you can merge to get Deb’s pungent-smelling and beautiful-looking corpse flower. When you click on these flowers the points in Deb’s mystery for the month unlock more wins.

Merge Mansion 3rd Anniversary

3rd Anniversary Bash

Next in the series, the anniversary birthday bash event started on the 18th of September. The event requires getting elements in multiple quantities from the main board. It is part of the series of Merge Mansion 3rd anniversary event.

Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

As you earn the points, you fill the meter to get the event gifts. There are 17 gifts you can collect by procuring these elements.

how to play Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion
Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

The gifts aren’t grand but it is the last gift that inspires us to finish these tasks. Yes, this is the Ignatius Boulton statue, and the end result is a bronze finish to the statue.

Casey & Skatie Merge Mansion

More to Come!

There is more to come this month. You can also watch this video by Camila that came out on the official Merge Mansion YouTube page.

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