Colin From Accounts Season 2 ǀ Inside Scoop!

colin from accounts season 2

Brammal and Dyer finished writing Colin From Accounts season 2, and in 2024, we will meet Gordon, Ashley, and Colin again!

There is a Colin, in Colin From Accounts – and he is the cutest!

The Binge production was a major hit, not because Colin is too cute, but for the undeniable chemistry of Brammall and Dyer. Yes, the real-life husband-wife husband-wife is equally amazing in reel life.

The duo are not only actors of the series but also the writers – and Brammall-Dyer’s humor is top-notch. Brammall is a member of WGA; hence, the couple has put their pens down to write Colin From Accounts season 2.

But now, as they say: the series is a green light for next season.   

The series was later released on Paramount+ and BBC, and the quirky drama was an instant hit on both streaming giants. That made the channel and creators rethink the series’ fate and go back to writing Colin From Accounts season 2.  

Where to Watch Colin From Accounts Season 1

You can watch Colin From Account season 1 on:

  • Binge from Foxtel in Australia
  • BBC iPlayer on BBC Two in the UK
  • Paramount+ in USA

Colin From Accounts Season 1 Plot

[Several spoilers ahead]  

colin from accounts season 2

Season one starts with Gordon being flashed on the street by Ashley.

How does it start? Gordon slyly waits on the signal for the cute girl to cross the street, and as a thank you, she flashes him.  

It could have been the meet cute they could talk about without embarrassment, only if Gordon hadn’t run over a dog the next second.

The dog became paraplegic, and the nearest vet was Gordon’s ex. Instead of putting the dog down, an option presented by the vet, the duo couldn’t stomach it and took the dog.

They put up notices on the streets and started looking for the dog’s owner; meanwhile, they have to take care of the dog amid their many responsibilities.  

Gordon is the owner of a brewery and has a tough schedule. Meanwhile, Ashley is a medical student with a good social life.

Their lives were full of problems, and if they lived together, taking care of the dog became manageable. Ashley, recently evicted from her rental room, prefers to move in with Gordon instead of living with her mom.

[that is another situation that unfolds later in the series]

While the attraction is undeniable, the age gap and embarrassment from the first encounter consume them.

Gordon worries a lot about the age gap, making things weird for Ashley, who hasn’t even thought about it until Gordon makes it all weird.

YouTube video

Brammall and Dyer

Brammall and Dyer, a real-life couple, are making light of the situation. They often talk about the age gap, which is the question in many interviews. They, however, do not find the age gap such a problem in their relationship.

They met at the set of No Activity and have been coined as a couple since 2017. In March 2021, Brammall popped the question when on vacation in Tampa and got married after five days.

brammall Dyer

Brammall moved to the States for his work commitment and was later joined by Dyer. The couple has no solid plans to stay here as the safety issues in school frighten Dyer.

The couple adopted a girl in 2021 and are now proud parents.

Cast of Colin From Accounts

  • Patrick Brammall as Gordon
  • Harriet Dyer as Ashley
  • Genevieve Hegney as Chiara
  • Michael Logo as Brett
  • Zak as Colin
  • Emma Harvie as Megan
  • Helen Thompson as Lynelle
  • Tai Hara as James
  • Annie Maynard as Yvette

Colin From Accounts Season 2

[Several spoilers ahead]  

colin from accounts season 2

Colin From Accounts Season 2 was on a halt in respect to the SAG-AFTRA and WGA strike. Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer wrote season one and planned to write season 2 after the strike. Brammall is a member of WGA.

It seems like the studios and writers have agreed to certain conditions, and the strike will soon be over.

Dyer and Brammall are excited for Colin From Accounts season 2 and hope it is as loved as Season 1. The Colin From Accounts season 2 team is already busy shooting and working on the season 2 filming.

I believe the season will be released sometime around fall time. It is just when I expect The Handmaid’s Tale to release its last season.


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