Famous Digital Nomad Villages

Famous Digital Nomad Villages

Did you know digital nomad has become such a “thing” that certain countries create digital nomad villages to facilitate the freelancers?

As a matter of fact, there are several countries, and some are on the way to create them. Today, we are going to explore some of the mainstream digital nomad villages. For those who have no idea what am I talking about, well, it is not literally a village.

In case it is something new, read on to learn about what a digital nomad village is and top digital nomad villages.

What Does a Digital Nomad Village Have?

It is a small area where accommodations, internet, food, and entertainment are offered for freelancers who come to the country on digital nomad visas and remain there for a certain time. Since the area is made to provide convenience for freelancers, everything is offered to keep the nature of work in mind.

Traditionally, a digital nomad village has better internet, so the freelancers have no problems with their work. There is no second thought on it or compromise, the internet has to be top-notch.

Then there are spaces for digital nomads where they can sit and work. It could be a co-working space, café, and quiet meeting room. Again, the aim is to facilitate the freelancers, hence the chairs and desks are ergonomic.

After work everyone needs to cool off, so you will find many avenues of entertainment, food, and meeting people.

Since everyone there is a digital nomad/freelancer, you get the opportunity to meet like-minded people. In certain cities/countries, you face problems in communicating with the locals. But in a digital nomad village, you have people to talk to and understand your language.   

Now that you know what we are talking about, let’s explore some top digital nomad villages.

Top 5 Digital Nomad Village – Work & Travel!     

Madeira, Portugal

madeira digital nomad village

Portugal has been very warm towards digital nomads. Their visa policies have become relaxed and laid back to entertain digital nomads.

Madeira is a top name in digital nomad villages. The project was launched by the regional government of Madeira, to give discounted accommodations, facilities, and better internet in this space. 

It has amenities like co-working spaces, co-living apartments & condos, and cafes where you can sit and work without someone giving you prompting looks to leave.

In the Madeira, there are entertainment and activities for digital nomads, so they can cool off or enjoy the weekend – a refresh before the weekly grind.  

The island has a milder climate comparatively, with natural beauty, enhancing the quality of living. The stunning landscapes make an excellent opportunity for digital nomads to participate in water sports, hiking, and other outdoor activities.

Zadar, Croatia

zadar digital nomad village

President of the Digital Nomad Association of Croatia, Jan De Jong is hell-bent to make this space heaven for digital nomads. He has successfully converted this space into an ideal space for digital nomads.

A few kilometers northwest of Zadar is Borik, a beautiful valley nestled with a beautiful pebble beach, pine trees, and a marina.

You get great lodgings, banks, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores in this space. The Zadar Valley has various accommodations for digital nomads. From mobile homes to studio or three-bedroom apartments – you have spaces to select as you see fit.

The valley has laid great emphasis on wellness, hence there are pools, gym spaces, swimming pools, and saunas for digital nomads to unplug and reset. Besides there are tons of community events that enable digital nomads to interact and combat the loneliness which comes with the regime.

Tarifa, Spain

tarifa digital nomad village

Tarifa is a quiet and beautiful island in Spain that has been an attraction for digital nomads for its diversity. The island is the best place to work quietly, meanwhile, it offers great options for activities and water sports for digital nomads in Spain.

Kite-surfing, whale & dolphin watching, paragliding, and surfing are some of the great sports you can indulge in during your non-working days and weekends.

The island has some nice co-working spaces like Eat Code Kite Repeat, La Cocotera, and Café del Mar Beach. These spaces offer accommodation, while some of the spaces offer desk space at a great price when you buy the monthly plan.

Digital nomads find this place will develop more potential in attracting freelancers. Spain has been extremely welcoming towards digital nomads and offers facilities, medical insurance, and other easements to help in their stay in Spain.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

chiang mai digital nomad village

The island has been welcoming to ex-pats for quite some time. With changes in policies and the introduction of digital nomad visas in Thailand, the island has proven to be a great place for digital nomads.

Expats who have foreign clients in Euros and Dollars find Thailand an incredibly cheap and culturally rich place to live. Chiang Mai has several great co-working spaces such as Punspace, CAMP, Wake Up, Alt_Chiang Mai, and other cafes.

Chiang Mai and other cities in Thailand are welcoming to tourists especially those who plan to stay for longer. With a smart visa and digital nomad visa, you can stay in the country for several years. You can find several places ranging in price to fit your budget.

Despite great co-working spaces and speedy internet, the island has great food and cultural fixes for the ex-pat and digital nomads who decide to live on the island longer.

Medellin, Colombia

medellin digital nomad village

Colombia had bad fame due to drug and crime issues. But the country is moving in a new direction with dark days in the past.

The government realizes the benefit of having ex-pats coming to the city. There has been a sharp rise in expats coming with Colombia digital nomad visas and staying in the country while enjoying the beautiful landscape.

Bogota may be the capital of Colombia, but Medellin is the happening city with bustling nightlife, restaurants, things-to-do, and great co-working spaces. Medellin is the most prominent city developing in the tech industry.       

Frequently Asked Questions

Do digital nomads have a home?

Digital Nomads mostly live on rentals. They need a small space and facilities to facilitate their work schedule.

Which is the best digital nomad village?

Thailand is one of the best digital nomad villages with unsurpassable facilities.

Where in Portugal is a digital nomad village?

Madeira is a beautiful island in Portugal that has now an extensive and facilitating digital nomad village.