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how to use packing cubes

The unspoken truth, the mess in the suitcase post travels. If you don’t want to have that mess again, this guide, on how to use packing cubes may be a great saver in keeping your things organized.

Packing cubes can help you stay organized and maximize space when packing for a trip. If you do not know how to use packing cubes, here’s a detailed guide on how to use packing cubes effectively. Also, there are some great new ideas on how to use packing cubes to your advantage.

packing cubes

How to Use Packing Cubes for Easy Travels & Storage  

There are ways you can use how to use packing cubes to sort the devils that happen in the suitcase during travels or store away clothes.

Choose the Right Packing Cubes

Start by selecting packing cubes that suit your needs. Consider factors such as size, material, and number of compartments based on the items you plan to pack. If you have sorted the belongings you need to pack, it will give you a clear plan of how to use packing cubes.

Sort and Group the Items

Before packing, categorize your items into groups, such as clothing, electronics, toiletries, and accessories. It will enable you to decide what items to pack in each cube for easier management.

Roll or Fold Clothing

To save space and reduce wrinkles, roll or fold your clothes tightly. Rolling tends to be more space-efficient, but folding may be preferable for bulkier items. Try both methods to see what works best for you.

Pack Similar Items Together

Place items of similar size, category, or use together in the same packing cube. For example, you can pack all the shirts in one, pants in another, and undergarments in a different and smaller cube. Similarly, you can pack all the toiletries, cosmetics, and other elements in appropriate sizes. It will help locate these items with ease and save so much time!

Start with the Larger Cubes

Begin by filling, the larger packing cubes first. These cubes are typically used for larger clothing items or bulky items like jackets or sweaters. Place the folded or rolled clothes inside, ensuring a snug fit without overstuffing.

how to use packing cubes

When putting away seasonal clothes, you can also rely on these giants to store all the clothes which can be stowed away in the attic, neatly. We can all awaken the Marie Kondo in us!

Utilize Compression Zippers – If  Available

Some packing cubes come with compression zippers that allow you to further compress the contents. Once you’ve packed your items, zip up the compression zippers to reduce the overall size of the cube.

This one isn’t specifically for travel, unless you are a digital nomad and heading to another country for months or years, you need to pack big!

Else, it is a great invention to put away winter clothes that are fluffy and heavy. Some winter coats do not do well with compression bags for months; make sure to tuck them away in separate bags which gives them their space to laze beautifully until next winter.

Fill Smaller Cubes

Move on to the smaller packing cubes and continue organizing your items. Pack smaller clothing items, such as socks or underwear, in these cubes. You can also use them for accessories like belts, scarves, or hats.

Utilize Cube Compartments

If your packing cubes have separate compartments, use them wisely. You can pack delicate or smaller items in these compartments to keep them secure and easily accessible. Hair ties that have a weird history of disappearing into black hole can also be stowed here with the hope of finding them back.

Stack and Arrange Cubes

Once you’ve packed your items in the cubes, stack them neatly inside your suitcase or travel bag. Consider placing heavier or sturdier cubes at the bottom to provide stability. Stack them in a way that optimizes space and minimizes movement during travel.

Unpack and Access with Ease

When you reach your destination, unpacking is a breeze. Remove packing cubes from your suitcase and place them inside the wardrobe, drawers, or shelves. You can access specific items without rummaging through your entire suitcase.

Packing Cubes Vs. Compression Bags

Compression bags are often mentioned in regard to packing for traveling. Usually, if you know how to use packing cubes to separate items into categories, you wouldn’t need the compression bags.

But if you are traveling to a colder place and you would need ski gear or big coats, compression bags would be a great help. Moreover, if you plan to shop a lot, you can store everything in the compression packing cubes and make it all fit in a bag.

After Thought

Now that you know how to use packing cubes you can use these cubes can save time and keep your belongings organized duration of your trip. Additionally, they can help prevent wrinkles, keep clothes fresh, and make repacking a breeze.

If you are traveling with family, you need to get those cubes with mesh windows so the content inside each packing cube is visible. We hope our how-to-use packing cube guide gave you some great ideas for bringing ease to your next travels.

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