Flower Market Merge Mansion Event | The Highest Reward!

flower market Merge Mansion

The flower market Merge Mansion event comes as conspicuous as Grandma’s personality. The information is not laid out hence it is fun to solve the event as you go. The detective in us couldn’t put it to rest, hence we explored all the aspects of the new merge mansion event.

The event comes often during the year. The flower market event is usually a week-long or ten-day event. Here are some aspects you need to know in order to get all the benefits of the event.

If you are looking for ways how to get planted flowers in Merge Mansion, we have answers!

Event Technicalities

The event doesn’t have decorations specific to the event which we had at the Easter event. It mostly earns rewards by filling up the meter kind of event.

merge mansion flower market

The meter fills up to reveal more wins you can avail of in this limited-time flower market merge mansion event.

flower market merge mansion

The last big prize is Ursala’s Blue Card. The new daily taskbar also had the addition of event tasks, which you can complete to earn rewards.

merge mansion tasks

Tips and Tricks

The idea is to merge the primary and secondary tasks to get the best from the flower market merge mansion event. The primary tasks get you experience points, skip boosters, an energy chest, and items from the Garden Bench chain. Meanwhile, in the secondary tasks, you get the high level of Garden Bench and Paint Can. We will share the complete list of Primary and Secondary tasks

Primary Tasks

Secondary Tasks

Rewards of Flower Market Merge Mansion Event

Here is the complete list of rewards that you will earn from the event.

merge mansion rewards

As usual, Ursala is no help, hence you need to bookmark this page to solve all problems and get all rewards.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a flower market merge mansion?

It is a seven-day event that lasts for a week or ten days in the Merge Mansion game.

What is the reward of the flower market merge mansion event?

The highest reward is Ursala’s blue card. Until you reach the highest reward – you get energy, chest, and various power-ups and rewards.

How to get Mosaic in Merge Mansion?

Getting mosaic level 12 poses to be a gritty task. Here is how you can merge to get the highest mosaic component.