Spain Digital Nomad Visa – Now A Possibility!

spain digital nomad visa

There has been a long wait for Spain digital nomad visa. One wonders why the impatient wait for Spain.

Many factors, such as tax, scenery, cost of living, and some tertiary factors, contribute to the partiality. The authorities gave the go-ahead for the Spain digital nomad visa at the end of 2022.

They have been toying with the idea the whole year. Also, Minister Nadia Calviño mentioned how the opportunity would benefit the country from the economic effects of COVID-19.

Digital nomad visas aren’t new anymore. It allows digital nomads to work in a certain country while they can enjoy the lifestyle and culture. Some digital nomads like the idea due to the opportunity to travel, while some see the benefits of reduced cost of living in certain countries.

Several European, African, Nordic, and Middle Eastern countries have introduced the visa. Some countries like Portugal, Italy, and Croatia work towards making things uncomplicated for digital nomads. Every month there is a country releasing its policy for new digital nomad visas.

There are certain cities in Spain which have digital nomad villages. These are ideal places for nomads, where they get the best facilities, such as high-speed internet, co-working spaces, rooms to rent, and meeting rooms to work without any hindrance.

Amid all these big changes in other countries, it was high time a digital nomad visa in Spain became a possibility.

Quick Facts

  • Earning Requirement: €2160
  • Duration of Stay: 12 Months
  • Possibility of Extension: Yes, up to 5 years
  • Income from Spain: 20% of the income
digital nomad visa Spain
Image taken from Unsplash – Credit: Drew Dizzy Graham

Who Can Apply for Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa?

Non-EU nationals can apply for this visa. But the catch is you must be working “remotely” with a non-Spanish company(ies). Only 20% of your income can come from Spanish firms; the rest has to be non-Spanish.

You would also have to show proof of work with the clients for over three months. Here comes another twist. The company in question cannot be extremely new. It has to be around for one year at least.

Then there are some details of your education, experience, and degree that you would need to include to apply for the visa. A person with sound health and no criminal record are some given requirements when applying for Spain’s digital nomad visa.

Document Required for Spain Digital Nomad Visa

  • A completed form of National Visa Application Form. Fill one for each person.
  • Valid passport with one-year validity and at least two blank pages.
  • Proof of stable income source (work contract, and a letter from employer that you work in a remote position).
  • Two passport-size photos
  • Proof that the company has been active for more than a year.
  • Proof of income (pay stubs, bank statements or payslips).
  • Proof of qualification (university degree, professional certificate, evidence of at least three years of experience).
  • Proof of health insurance authorization to operate in Spain.
  • Criminal Record Certificate (for last five years), with Apostille and copy.
  • In case of other applicants included, provide proof of relation (birth certificate, marriage certificate and such).

In some cases, you may need to submit certain documents translated into Spanish. Check with the embassy in your country and ask for authorities recognized for the translation of documents.

Duration of Stay

Well, initially, the validity is for 12 months, but it can be renewed for five years. You must stay in the country for six months in a calendar year to maintain your visa status.

Spain Digital Nomad Visa Requirement

spain digital nomad visa requirments
Image taken from Unsplash – Credit: Toa Heftiba

Here are some of the primary requirements for a Spain digital nomad visa.


The income required is 200% of the country’s minimum monthly wage. Currently, the threshold is € 2,160/month for one person, but it may rise when the minimum wage is evaluated in the country. You would need to prove this income with bank statements.

If you have a family member joining you, you need to add another 75% of the minimum monthly wage to the mix. With the addition of another family member add another 25% minimum wage each time.

  • Family of 2: €2970 per month
  • Family of 3: €3,240 per month
  • Family of 4: €3,510 per month

Health Insurance

You would have to buy health insurance before you apply for the visa.

Criminal Record

You will have to produce a criminal record stating there is no record under your name in Spain. Moreover, you would need to produce a sworn statement and criminal record certificate for the country you have resided in for the last five years.

Visa Fee

There is a visa fee for processing and operating expenses that the embassy in your country charges. The change in fee is not scheduled yearly or with a timeline. Hence you need to check the embassy of the country of residence for a confirmed visa fee.

Advantages of Spain’s Digital Nomad Visa

spain digital nomad visa
Image taken from Unsplash – Credit: Harrison Fitts
  • You can apply for a residency card, which grants you the authorization to travel across the EU.
  • Family, spouses, children, and close relatives can join you. All you need is to proof funds for their stay.
  • Spain is home to beautiful scenic towns and villages. During your stay in Spain you can explore the country and work with high-speed internet found almost everywhere.
  • The cost of living in Spain is one of the lowest in European countries. You can save and travel while you are working in Spain.
  • Spain has a great healthcare system. You would have no problems residing with your family in Spain.    
  • Many tourists flock to Spain for its great weather. Especially compared to other European countries, Spain has warm weather and most sunny days throughout the year.
  • You can renew the visa for five years and remain in the country with a Spain digital nomad visa.

Apprehensions of Living in Spain

  • Many may not know Spain has a siesta culture. Meaning, businesses close during afternoon hours for an afternoon siesta. It can be quite exasperating when you are on strict deadlines and want to get things done fast. This culture becomes a nuisance when you are not in the major cities.
  • Language barriers can be a problem in certain cities. Spanish is the official language, and you will meet people in rural towns who cannot speak or understand English. Nor they are inclined to learn.
  • Bureaucracy also slows down the process of getting tasks combined with siesta.
  • When traveling to rural areas, you have to be mindful of cultural differences, especially if you come from diverse cultures and values.  

How to Apply for Digital Nomad Visa in Spain

The visa is officially known as an International Remote Worker Visa meanwhile in Spanish Visado para Teletrabajadores de Carácter Internacional. There are two routes to go about it. Either you can apply through:

  • Tourist visa: Get the visa, enter Spain, and apply for a digital nomad visa within three months.  
  • Digital Nomad Visa: Gather all documents and requirements mentioned above, and apply for the visa in your country of residence.    

Spain Digital Nomad Visa and Tax Break

digital nomad visa
Image taken from Unsplash – Credit: Simon Hermans

The reason we all have been eyeing this wonderful opportunity – tax break! The country has graciously given an amazing tax break to digital nomads if:

  • They haven’t lived in Spain for the last five years
  • Maintain their digital nomad status

If you remain in the country for over 183 days, you become a tax resident. But under the digital nomad visa status, you pay only 15% instead of the 24% rate with the income threshold of €600,000.

You can continue living in Spain in this situation for five years. After that, you can continue to a general regime, apply for PR, or fly to another country – the world is your oyster.

What is NIE & NIF?

NIE is the National Identity Number for various official reasons. You can apply it at the Foreigner’s Office (Oficina de Extranjeros) or the Police Station. Remember to make an appointment before your visit. It may take up to three months to get NIE. You will be notified when you should come and collect it.

NIF is obtained from the Spanish Tax Agency. It is essential because you would need it to open a bank account and make significant purchases. You can also apply it from an embassy in your country. If you opt for the Spanish Tax Agency, you can go without an appointment along with:

  • Your Passport
  • Tax identification number from the country of your residence
  • proof of local residency
  • Form 030 (in Spanish)

It may take up to five working days. This will be beneficial during your stay for electricity, wi-fi contracts, and rental agreements and such.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I work jobs in Spain with a digital nomad visa?

The visa is offered to non-EU citizens who work “remote jobs” with most clients outside Spain.

Can I Have Spanish clients while I work with a Spain digital nomad visa?

You can have Spanish clients. But they cannot account for more than 20% of your income. The rest of the clients have to be from a foreign country.