Lady Voyance’s Mystery ǀ Merge Mansion

Lady Voyance's Mystery

(Updated: 28th November)

Lady Voyance, Ursula’s friend, is here to unveil some major life changes for Maddie. As we explore this layer, Lady Voyance’s Mystery, it is quite an interesting experience compared to the base game.

The game is extremely interesting, and it has so much mystery. So far in my game, I have deciphered that you have to collect charms, merge them, and unlock Lady Voyance’s Mystery.

charms of Lady Voyance's Mystery

Merge Sequence of Charms in Lady Voyance’s Mystery

Chain > Teddy Bear Charm > Castle Charm > Suitcase Charm > Woven Heart Charm > Graduate Charm > Wedding Charm > Tin Can Charm > Pocket Watch Charm > 10 > 11

As you can see, we get Charms from three elements: Big Sister, Crystal House, and Lit Crafting Station. For more details on each item in this guide, scroll down to find them and how to get them.

The game starts with Lady Voyance’s Tent, which sprouts many important elements.

Lady Voyance's Tent

Elements from Lady Voyance’s Tent

Brass Leg > Brass Ring > Brass Parts > Brass Stand > Brass Plate > Crystal Growing Kit > Crystal Glass > Crystal House

Elements from Lady Voyance's tent

Astrology for Dummies

Quill > Pendant > Portablr Sundial > Telescope > Armillary Sphere> Astrology Book > Open Astrology Book

There are four types of globes, and each has its significance. But all comes out of Active Snow Globe.

active snow globe

Here are three important globes:

Ball of Past

ball of past

Elements of Ball of Past

Lock of Hair > Baby Booties > Baby Hand Print > First Tooth > Drawings > Mixed Tape > Locked Box > Secret Diary > Crafting Station

Elements of ball of past

Ball of Present

ball of present

Elements of Ball of Present

The Great Tabby > The PAn Flute of Destiny > The Sleeping Panda > The Golden Cherub > The Wilting Poppy > The Threads of Fate > The Little Sister > The Big Sister > The Raging Goose > The Galloping Unicorn > The Troublesome Twin > The Chef

As you can see, The Big Sister has a bolt sign. It is the source of getting Charms. You may get two to three charms out of it. But I recommend progressing to the last constellation. It is worth the effort!!!

Lady Voyance's Mystery

Ball of Future

ball of future

I wish I had a ball of the future and could conjure some clues to solve Ignatius Boulton’s event.

Elements from Ball of Future

Sun Disc > Dice > Pendulum > Paper Fortune Teller > Tea Leaves > Palm reading Chart > Table of Fate

Fortuneteller's Basic

How to Make the Crafting Station

You would need two elements to get the crafting station: Birth Chart and a Triple Lit Candle.

how to make crafting station

Tip: You can get the Triple Lit Candle from Ball of Past, and the Birth Chart can be acquired from the Open Astrology Book. Scrolling up, you will find the sources in Astrology of Dummies and Ball of Past.

Table of Fate in Lady Voyance’s Mystery

Table of Fate

We remember getting Table of Fate in Ball of Future, but it requires two difficult items to acquire: Maddie Doll and Birth Chart.

Maddie Doll can be acquired from Lit Crafting Station and Birth Chart, we already know, can be acquired from Open Astrology Book.

maddie doll
birth chart

Elements of Star Chart

birth chart

Plainsphere > Star Chart > Birth Chart

How to Get Box Of Candles

Small Melted Candle > Long Melted Candle > Double Melted Candle > Triple Melted Candle > Box of Candles.

Box of candles

You may wonder why we need to get the Box of Candles in Lady Voyance’s Mystery. Well, they sprout the most needed Lit Candles that are essential to unlock many items.

Small Lit Candle > Long Lit Candle > Double Lit Candle > Triple Lit Candle

The Triple Lit Candle has a long wait, and I cannot figure out what does it do? Right now, it has 16 hour wait time. Will update here as soon as anything changes. Now, I proceed to one last part of the mystery, which I am in the process of unlocking.

How to Get Tarot Cards

You can get the tarot cards from Active Table of Fate. You can unlock it with Maddie Doll and Birth Chart.

The Superstar > El Pollo Inferno > The Fortress > The Trapezist > The Escape Artist > The Invisible Woman > The Lion Tamer > 8.

tarot cards


Lady Voyance’s Mystery is quite a new event, and much is to unfold. The event, Lady Voyance’s Mystery, stands true to Grandma Ursula’s ethos of mystery. After all, she is her friend and cannot expect anything different but mysteries.

I will continue uploading the progress and tips as I progress in the game. So far, I learned you need a lot of Birth Chart and Box of Candles to unlock several key items in Lady Voyance’s Mystery.

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