How to Play Ignatius Boulton Event in Merge Mansion

Ignatius Boulton Event

The Ignatius Boulton event is a short event that opens in the base game. It is quite a complex event, as the lack of instruction and ambiguity that is the core of the game keeps us on our toes. The Ignatius Boulton Event unlocks as you complete the Fix Missing Item task.  

Merge Mansion keeps bringing these limited-time events to keep things interesting. These events have no effect on the base game but are another way to keep us merging, leveling up, getting more XP, and having some change from the regular base game.

Just when I was about to snooze at the beginning of May from the routine base game, the creators rolled out an update with the Hopeberry event. I hardly found time to catch my breath when the great bake-off started. I realized these events were indulging and competitive, and helped in gaining the XP to level up!  

Coming back to one of the most complex ones, the Ignatius Boulton event. I have gathered a lot of info surrounding the event, so you can finish it in three days with a plan.

The Reward of Ignatius Boulton Event

The main reward is unlocking the garden statue which is the only way to get Stone Cans to complete the Grand Drive Area.

How to Conquer Ignatius Boulton Event

Ignatius boulton event

Ignatius Boulton event is all about merging the number and boxes. As you merge the number, you make a higher number, then you can merge with the same number to unlock the ones obscured on the web.

The event lasts for three days hence you need to ensure you merge and unlock bigger objects. Here are some important items:

Garden Statue in merge mansion
Garden Statue
Rotary Phone in merge mansion
Rotary Phone
Stone Can in merge mansion
Stone Can
Time Charger in merge mansion
Time Charger
Time Charger Shards in merge mansion
Time Charger Shard
Dust Remover in merge mansion
Dust Remover
Box Pallet in merge mansion
Box Pallet
Cash Register
Wood Chipper
Wood Chipper

These elements are important for the gameplay. The Ignatius Boulton Event board looks something like this with these in it.

Ignatius boulton event board

When the event begins the pond fall area looks something like this:

Frog Unfinished

After you level up, complete the event, make all the merges, and get all objects to unlock the Stone Can you transform the pond into this:

Frog Complete

Leaving the image here for the necessary motivation to complete the teeth-gritting Ignatius Boulton Event. Currently, the Picnic confusion event is bringing its fair share of confusion and chaos to keep us swamped.

The Reward

reward in ignatius boulton

Merge Your Way to Stone Can

Here is the combination to make Stone Can:

Small Tin Can > One Cent > Tin Can > One Dollar > Tin Cans > Bundle Of Cash > Crate of Cans > Pile of Cash > Tin Can Factory > Big Pile of Cash > Mansion Gate > Briefcase of Cash > Stone Can

combination to stone can

Before you start the event, load up on gems and unlimited energy so you can keep merging and achieving the goal. I remember failing at the event twice. The third time, I entered with stocked-up energy and gems to get the can this time!

Who is Ignatius Boulton?

Just like Grandma Ursula, Ignatius Boulton also comes with a lot of secrets. He is an entrepreneur, genius, and innovator. His empire results in Beaumont Hall, another layer of mystery that adds to Merge Mansion.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the point of Ignatius Boulton event?

The event is another way to leverage more points, gain experience, and unlock mysteries. It doesn’t stop any progression, if you fail to finish the event.

Why do we need Stone Can for?

The stone can is for the Ignatius Boulton status in the yard.

What is the highest level in Merge Mansion?

Currently, the highest level is 50, and it will not be the highest once the new updates roll out.


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