How to Get Merge Mansion Golden Tree

Merge Mansion Golden Tree

Are you looking for ways to get merge mansion Golden Tree? We got you! There’s a series of tasks to do. We have explained EVERYTHING!

Now that The Great Bake Off is over, we can focus on primary tasks. Golden Tree is one of those tricky, complex, and annoying primary tasks, that require a lot of work.

There are many layers before you get to Golden Tree. Since the game lacks information, keeping the theme of Ursala’s (Grandma) personality – the mystery, we have explained several aspects in detail until you achieve Golden Tree.

How to Get Golden Tree

You can achieve the Merge Mansion Golden Tree after you have the conservatory unlocked.

merge mansion conservatory

You can get conservatory after you have finished the maze tasks 18-7. After you unlock the conservatory, it’s time to collect the seed bags.

Where to Get the Seed Bags?

You can get the seed bags from:

  • Flower Pots
  • Green Boxes
  • The Store

Flower Pots

Whenever you click on drawers, you get pot fragments, when you combine the fragments, you get the pot. Ideally, a level 8 pot starts giving you seed bags. The Picture shared above is in the max level, level 10 blue pot.

Green Boxes

The green box is available in the store. The box has various elements from the Tool bucket such as a knife, spade, pair of gloves, single glove, and seed bags.

green box merge mansion

The Store

Store upgrades every day. You can keep an eye on recent elements available to buy. Buy these elements from in-game currency, golden coin. Also, you can make an app purchase by integrating your bank account. There are hard-to-look-away bundle offers every day!

Merge Stages of Blue Pot

Pot Fragment > Broken Pot > Cracked Pot > Pot I > Pot II > Pot III > Blue Pot I > Blue Pot II > Blue Pot III > Blue Pot IV

blue pot merge mansion

Merge Stages for Seed Bags

Seed Pouch > Seed Packet > Small Seed Bag > Large Seed Bag    

seed bag merge mansion

As you empty the seed bags to make Orange Flower, you keep the empty bag. As you merge the empty bags, you get the seed.  

orange flower merge mansion

Merge Stages for Empty Seed Bags

Empty Seed Bag > Two Empty Seed Bags > Pile of Seed Bags > Bigger Pile of Seed Bags

seed packet merge mansion

Merge Stages for Golden Tree

When you combine the Bigger pile of seed bags you get the golden tree.

Golden Seed > Golden Sprout > Golden Seedling > Golden Tree I > Golden Tree II > Golden Tree III > Golden Tree IV > Golden Tree

merge mansion golden tree

What Do We Get From the Merge Mansion Golden Tree?

YouTube video

The Golden Tree is a very valuable resource in Merge Mansion. It can be used to earn coins, complete tasks, and unlock new areas. If you are looking to progress in the game, it is definitely worth investing in a Golden Tree.

Here are some additional tips for getting a Golden Tree in Merge Mansion:

  • Focus on collecting Empty Seed Bags. The more Empty Seed Bags you have, the faster you will be able to merge them into Golden Tree Seeds.
  • Plant your Golden Tree in a well-lit area. The Golden Tree needs sunlight to grow. If you plant it in a dark area, it will take longer to grow.
  • Be patient. The Golden Tree takes 4 hours to grow. Don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight.

With a little patience and effort, you will be able to get a Merge Mansion Golden Tree.

Merge Mansion Tips You Need to Know!

Getting Planted flowers is another difficult task. Ursala is no help, hence look at this piece, where I explain how to get planted flowers in Merge Mansion.

The game has various events that help you gain an advantage with coins, level up, and wins. Events like the Hopeberry Festival and Flower Market seem short, but these bring a lot of bounties. Try to participate from day one so you can achieve your goals.

When you win a Blue Card, you can get the maximum level of any element, even the merge mansion golden tree.