Love On The Vine Merge Mansion

love on the vine merge mansion

Last updated: 20th May 2024

For Maddie, this month is worse than February. To attend the Hopeberry Festival the pressure to find a partner is daunting. Julius, Grandma Ursula, everyone is after her.

Love on The Vine Merge Mansion is a new event and has nothing similar to the Hopeberry event. Like always much of it is a mystery and you would learn what works and how to get a particular element, as you unlock more producers and items.

For my Merge Mansion community, I will log everything as I play the Love on the Vine Merge Mansion event. Watch this space for new updates and share your progress.

Love on The Vine Merge Mansion Event Dissected

Love on The Vine Merge Mansion

Love on the Vine Merge Mansion has an event gate at the base game. Sadly it uses the base game energy, unlike the Fishing event.

The event logs all the points in a meter. There are 50 rewards as you go. Some rewards are Hourglass, Time Booster, Coins, Gems, Brown Chest, Reward Box, and event decorations.

The tasks on the taskbar are particular items that you merge from the board. The imagery would remind you of Merge Mansion Hopeberry Festival, but it doesn’t have those blenders and cakes like the last event. But yes, Hopeberry trees and elements are there.

So if someone is confusing the Merge Mansion Hopeberry Festival with the Love on the Vine Merge Mansion event, well, it’s understandable. Maddie is looking for a date for the Hopeberry festival, hence we are completing all the tasks on Love on the Vine Merge Mansion event.

*Rant Over*

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 1

It is proving to be work to understand what comes from what, and then the requirements to create new producers.


Scroll down and see as I unravel my game development.

Spice Box

The first box appears at the start of the game. It is an important box and you need to have one active all the time.

Love on The Vine Merge Mansion
Image 2

Ginger > Cinnamon > Red Chillies > Vanilla > Almonds > Spices

The Spice Box produces Herbs and Spices. See Images 7 and 8.

Fruit Boxes

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 3

The Fruit Boxes level 5 produces Rakes. The Rakes then merge to create Fruit Barrel. Here is how to get Fruit Barrel

How to Get Fruit Barrel

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 4

Rake > Berry Picker > Berry Pickers > Wheelbarrow > Fruit Boxes > Fruit Barrel

Why do you need Fruit Barrel?

Well, with the Fruit Barrel, you can get jam bottles and vinegar which becomes a requirement for tasks, also to activate certain producers.

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 5

Single Juice > Tasting Bottle > Hopeberry Concentrate > Set of Bottles > Bag of Bottles

Now Bag of Bottles is something you should always have at least one prepared. The same goes for oil & vinegar, it helps activate several producers like carts and barrels. Meanwhile, it shows up a lot in tasks.

Update: After playing for a few days, I now realize that the bag of bottles hogs up a lot of space on the board. My advice for you, when playing Love on The Vine Merge Mansion event, get rid of some of these bag of bottles, you will not need so many of those!

Love on The Vine Merge Mansion
Image 6

Vinegar Sample > Vinegar Jug > Vinegar Dropper > Vinegar Bottle > Oil & Vinegar

How to Get a Bouquet of Herbs

You can get the selection of these herbs from the ‘Spices’ box (see image 2). The box has a selection of herbs and spices. When combined, they merge into various herbs needed in the taskbar to gain points.

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 7

Bay > Mint > Parsley > Chives > Sage> Bouquet of Herbs

How to Get Spice Shelf

Spice selection has various elements. The biggest merge is Spice Shelf which keeps appearing in the task requirements quite a lot. You can get these elements from Spice Box (see image 2).

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 8

Spoonful of Spice > Herb Scoop > Spice Blend > Spice Blends > Spice Container > Spice Shelf

Why do you need the Spice Shelf?

The Shelf comes up as a requirement in tasks.

How to Get Artisan Food Hamper

Now these are also hot in demand in tasks. Hard to make, so best to keep one handy.

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 9

Bread Bag > Loaf of Bread > Cheese > Relish > Jam > Syrup > Hamper

How to Get Hopeberry Fizz

Love on The Vine Merge Mansion

Hopeberry Tonic > Hopeberry Smoothie > Hopeberry Sundae > Hopeberry Mocktail > Hopeberry Fizz

These elements are available in Cartwheel. It exhausts after giving I believe 30 or more cough-outs of elements. During the Love on The Vine Merge Mansion, you would need Hopeberry Fizz several times to finish a task, and get big scores.

How to Get Cartwheel

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 10

Wooden Plant > Cartwheel > Empty Stall

Then you need two bags of bottles and vinegar each to activate the cart.

How to Get Hot Shop

From the basket of Empty Bottles that contain Glass Jars when the bolt is activated, you get Glass Jars which then merge into various elements.

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 11

Glass Jar > Glass Fragments > Glass Shards > Glass Powder > Hot Shop

Hot Shop seems crucial. Since the whole shindig is about finding the right suiter for Maddie, elements of Hot Shop will merge to reveal something big in the game.

Important: Hot Shop has a 5-minute limit. Once you tap, the timer starts. It is best to clean up the board a little, so you can work on getting the elements, rather than making space on the board.

How to Get Dream Man

Maddie is looking for the ideal guy. She has rejected many on the first date. Here is what she is looking for in a man.

Pipe (mind your fingers) > Pinky Promise (someone you can always rely on) > Cool Shades (someone who is effortlessly cool) > Brain (someone who is intelligent) > Always Loyal (someone who always stays true) > Handyman (someone who can always fix things up) > Bearded Beast (someone who is well groomed) > Sweet Success (someone with ambition) > Movie Magic (someone who will watch all the movies) > Flaming Wheels (Someone who loves to go fast) > 11

Image 12

What is Hopeberry Vat?

You get these from the Hopeberry Tree. The element is a requirement to activate producers, so it is best to stock up on these.

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 13

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 14
Image 15

How to Get Tray

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 16

Now how do we get this purple producer? It is called Leftover Materials. When you have exhausted the cartwheel, it changes into the leftover materials, which produces:

Wooden Box > Bench > Barrel Table Top > Side Table > Chair > Tray

How to Get Hopeberry Tree

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 17

Hopeberry Seeds > Juicy Hopeberry > Juicy Hopeberries > Small Hopeberry Bush > Hopeberry Tree

The Hopeberry Tree turns into an inactivated Fruit Barrel. After you provide the elements needed, the Fruit Barrel activates.

How to Get Corkbackpack

love on the vine merge mansion
Image 18

Cork > Corks > Jar of Corks > Cork Vase > Cork Cap > Cork Yoga Mat > Cork backpack

How to Get Bellows

I haven’t used these even once, so far. I am waiting to see what use these bellows would be, while the three bellows on my board make my board a little more crowded.

Update: Bellows are great to use when you are running out of energy. It literally says here, DOUBLE TAP TO GET 16 ENERGY!!

How could I be so blind!! Well, not surprised, I tend to do that when running on low sleep. I found a great use for these. You can use them when you are clicking away with a frenzy to get as many items from the hot shop in those five minutes, use the bellows then to get more energy.

Image 19

Mini Bellows > Basic Bellows > Big Bellows

A Man To Avoid

Now this grey pile of sand had been on the taskbar for 2 days and I was getting anxious. Today it graced with clarity. These are all the characteristics Maddie needs to avoid in her search for the perfect guy.

You get them from the Hot Shop, but the shop hardly gives 4 to 5 elements from A Man to Avoid in its five minutes of active time. Now the biggest task at the Love on The Vine Merge Mansion event is getting the max element from A Man To Avoid and How To Get Dream Man (see image 12). I haven’t reached it yet, will update the images as I do.

Image 20

Ashes > Rotten Apple > Gambler > Emotionally Unavailable > Broken Promises > Unreliability> ?

Parting Thoughts

The event will last for a few days. I will keep coming back and logging all updates as I unlock new elements. So far, I have no complaints with the Love on the Vine Merge Mansion event except it uses main energy and is making me use all my saved-up gems!!

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