Merge Mansion | The Picnic Confusion

Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion

The new event at Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion kicks off. It has its fair share of mystery, what merges with, what to make what? It’s all an enormous mystery.

As I play the game, I will log all the merges here until the event ends. If you are stuck at some point, come and have a look for clarity. All in all, it’s a new event, and I could not be more excited to try out the new merges and combos.

It hasn’t been many days since you got our knuckles all red from The Great Bake Off, and this new event comes with promises of huge wins. The Picnic Confusion event is achieved by completing the task on the baseboard and unlocking the event gate.

What is The Picnic Confusion About?

Maddie and Grandma Ursula are soaking up some sun, and packing picnic baskets. Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion is all about making combinations that would make this picnic a fun experience. Moreover, there is a van to unlock.

merge mansion van

The van unlocks as you complete the event tasks and earn those green coins. The green coins fill up the meter and you increase levels. On level 20, you finally unlock the van.

merge mansion van

If you keep fulfilling the point meter and achieve a greater level, you get more points and add various elements to the van along the way. Max level is 45 and here you unlock all the features of the van along with other prizes.

merge manion the picnic confusion van

Here is the sequence of wins as you unlock each level:

  • Level 1 – dirty van
  • Level 2 – 100 coins
  • Level 3 – silver scissors
  • Level 4 – 30 min hourglass
  • Level 5 – clean van
  • Level 6 – 1 hour hourglass
  • Level 7 – 100 coins
  • Level 8 – Van upgrade
  • Level 9 – silver scissors
  • Level 10 – 200 coins
  • Level 11 – Van upgrade
  • Level 12 – Small Time skip booster
  • Level 13 – Hourglass
  • Level 14 – Van upgrade
  • Level 15 – Hourglass
  • Level 16 – Energy
  • Level 17 – Van upgrade
  • Level 18 – silver scissors
  • Level 19 – 400 coins
  • Level 20 – Van upgrade
  • Level 21 – Reward Box
  • Level 22 – Small Time skip booster
  • Level 23 – Van upgrade
  • Level 24 – Hourglass
  • Level 25 – Energy
  • Level 26 – Van upgrade
  • Level 27 – Brown Chest
  • Level 28 – 600 coins
  • Level 29 – Van upgrade
  • Level 30 – Small Time skip booster
  • Level 31 – Energy
  • Level 32 – Van upgrade
  • Level 33 – Brown Chest
  • Level 34 – Fancy Blue Chest
  • Level 35 – Van upgrade
  • Level 36 – Reward Box
  • Level 37 – silver scissors
  • Level 38 – Van upgrade
  • Level 39 – 5 minute Unlimited Energy
  • Level 40 – Fancy Blue Chest
  • Level 41 – Van upgrade
  • Level 42 – silver scissors
  • Level 43 – Reward Box
  • Level 44 – 2x Ursula‘s Blue Card
  • Level 45 – Final Van Upgrade

Further Combinations in Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion

These combinations come from the picnic basket.

Summer Sunglasses > Beach Flip Flops > Summer Scarf > Shoulder Bag > Sun Hat > Picnic Tablecloth > Picnic Table

how to get picnic basket in merge mansion

How to Get a Picnic Basket

Rattan Strips > Rattan Rope > Picnic Tray > Picnic Basket

how to get picnic basket in merge mansion

How to Get Picnic Cutlery

You can get picnic cutlery from the picnic basket and level 5 cutlery – Pocket Cutlery. Here are the combinations.

Basic Bamboo Cutlery > Bamboo Cutlery Set > Bamboo Cutlery with Holder > Stainless Steel Cutlery > Pocket Cutlery > Vintage Cutlery Set > Luxury Cutlery Set

how to get picnic cutlery in merge mansion

Olive plant gives bees and branches. They also make some combinations when merged.

How to Get Honey Jar

Bee > Two Bees > Honeycomb > Bee Hive > Fresh Honey > Honey Jar

How to Get Honey Jar in merge mansion

How to Get Bag O’Marshmallow

The honey jar makes some goodies. Here is the merge sequence:

Honey Sweet> Candy Bears > Lollipops > Chocolate Bar > Bag O’ Marshmallow

how to get bag O'Marshallow in merge mansion

How to Get Unlit Fire Camp

Sticks that come from Olive Plant merge to make Unlit Campfire. Here is the result of the merges:

Stick > Branch > Bunch of Sticks > Bunch of Branches > Log > Firewood > Unlit Campfire

how to get unlit camp fire in merge mansion

How to Get Cheeseburger and Fries

The cheeseburger and fries is the combo that creates olives and merges them into the small olive tree.

Avacado Toast > Grilled Cheese Sandwich > Picnic Panini > Veggie Sub > Pinwheel Sandwich > Cream Cheese Bagel > Cheeseburger and Fries

how to get cheeseburger and fries in merge mansion

How to Get Small Olive Plant

Olive > Two Olives > Olive Branch > Small Olive Plant >

how to get small olive plant in merge mansion

How to Get Ukulele

Flying disc > Activity Journal > Kite > Ukulele > Instant Camera

how to get instant camera in merge mansion

How to Get Snapshot

Here are the merges you make from the snapshot:

Snapshot > Snapshot Duo

How to Get Marshmallow

Roasted Marshmallow > Roasted Marshmallow Sticks > Bowl of Marshmallows > S’more > Tasty Cupcake >

how to get marshmallow in merge mansion

How to Unlock Slice of Watermelon

From the picnic basket, you get raspberry. When you merge raspberry you get:

Raspberry > Cherry > Apple > Tomato and Cheese > Slice of Watermelon > Grazing Platter

how to get watermelon in merge mansion

What’s More in Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion

There is a lot more to Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion. Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion has more features, and it will take some time to unlock more.

I am actively playing the game and unlocking more merges. As I unlock more merges in Merge Mansion The Picnic Confusion, I will be updating here. So don’t forget to keep coming back for more updates!

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