Why is Stardew Valley Catfish So Important? How to Catch It?  

Stardew Valley Catfish

Among 60 different species, Stardew Valley Catfish holds importance for players. You may feel at first that it is very difficult to catch a catfish in Stardew Valley, but it’s all about information.

You must know the places of availability, the weather conditions, the season, and most importantly, the bait used.

If you deploy all the knowledge, chances are you will catch Stardew Valley Catfish with ease. Here is a complete round-up of what you will catch in this read:

  • What is Stardew Valley game about
  • How to play the Stardew Valley game
  • How to catch Stardew Valley Catfish
  • Where can you catch Stardew Valley Catfish?
  • Importance of Stardew Valley Catfish

Read through these sections to get all the information you need in order to catch Stardew Valley Catfish and gain an advantage in your game.  

An Intro to Stardew Valley

A game that became an instant hit with individuals who have a penchant for simulation games, Stardew Valley holds a special place.

The game was initially developed by Eric “CorcernedApe” Barone for Windows. Barone was inspired by Story of Seasons.

creator of Stardew Valley Catfish

While he graduated from the University of Washington Tacoma, he struggled to get a job and worked odd jobs while building the game.

While Barone was developing the game, he was approached by Chuklefish Studios, who encouraged him to focus on the developing aspect of the game and offered to publish it.   

Later, when Barone finished creating the game, the British Studio brought it to the market in 2016, selling over 20 million copies by 2022. The game brought Eric Barone to the Forbes list of 30 under 30 in 2017.

How to Play Stardew Valley

The simulation game starts with an inherited piece of land in Pelican Town, located in Stardew Valley. The players start cleaning around the farmland, making friends, and building relationships.

They also can marry and have children. Players pass their day in cooking, crafting, managing cattle, mining and fishing.

Most of the time, there are tasks and challenges that need to be addressed for wins and points.  

Where to Catch Catfish Stardew Valley?

The Stardew Valley Catfish has been famous amongst the players for many reasons. While gaining points and getting more opportunities is a good reason for players, some thrive on competition.

Stardew Valley Catfish

To get the Stardew Valley Catfish, you must know that Stardew Valley has seasons, months in the year, and a calendar of its own.

The fish doesn’t appear all the time of the year in certain ponds and lakes. Besides the seasons, the weather also works in favor of catching Catfish in Stardew Valley.

Watch out for rainy days. Keep checking the weather for rain. You can catch the fish during winters in rainy weather. You can also use Rain Totem to change the weather and catch Catfish Stardew Valley.

Where to Find Catfish Stardew Valley

Here is when you can find Stardew Valley Catfish:

  • Riverland Farms, Pelican Town’s River & Hill-top Farm – during Spring and Fall
  • Witch’s Swamp and Secret Woods – during Summers

Catfish in River

It is the easiest way to find the catfish in Stardew Valley. The river is found just below Marnie’s house at the bottom of the town.

Catch the Stardew Valley Catfish in Secret Woods

The pond in the Secret Wood is the hotspot for catfish. Your chances increase if it’s the favourable weather, Summer or Spring, and it’s rainy season.

Go to the bottom left of the map and break the large log that is obscuring the woods themselves.

Catch the Stardew Valley Catfish in Witch’s Swamp

After you complete the Dark Talisman Quest and Goblin Problem Quest, you can find the location of the Witch’s Swamp.

During rainy days, you can catch the Stardew Valley Catfish in Spring, Fall, and Summer.

How to Catch Catfish Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley Catfish

Catching the catfish in Stardew Valley is no easy feat. You need to be constantly alert, aware of its movement, and keep the fish in a spot after you have discovered it.

The catfish also happens to have an average difficulty rating and uses the basic movement pattern. The fish doesn’t resort to darting, floating, or sinking.

To catch the catfish, it’s best to catch the other low-level fish. It increases your chances of catching fish and enhances your skill as you catch more fish.

Another factor that greatly influences the catch is rod and bait. Iridium Rod is the top-tier rod. You can use tackles like Cork Bobber, Barbed Hook, and Trap Bobber.

In other news, if the Son of the Forest ending makes no sense, this guide helps.

Importance of Stardew Valley Catfish

Stardew Valley Catfish

The whole hue and cry for this element is important for many reasons. First and foremost, it is a prerequisite for some tasks and levels. You need Stardew Valley Catfish for:

  • River Fish Bundle for Fish Tank:  a prerequisite for level
  • Rewarding 30 baits of Catfish, Sunfish, Tiger trout, and Shad: Another prerequisite for the level 
  • Recipes of Maki Roll and Sashimi: Used by players to make Maki Rolls and Sashimi for health and energy. Maki Rolls get you 45 Health and 100 Energy. Meanwhile, Sashimi gets you 33 Health and 75 Energy. You would, however, need to build a relationship with Linus to get the recipe.
  • Fertilizers: To make quality fertilizers, you can use catfish or any other fish. The better the rating of the fish, the better the outcome of the fertilizers. At level 9, you will learn the recipe to make better fertilizers using sap and fish for better crops.  
  • Designer T-shirts: Insert the catfish into the spool of the sewing machine and get the trendy and beautiful catfish shirt.
  • Roe: Aged Roe and Caviar are sold in Stardew Valley for a nice penny. Break down the catfish to make the aged Roe. It is one of the Artisan goods and gets you wealth.  
  • Gift: You can gift Willy the catfish to be in his good graces. But remember not to give it to Evelyn, Ahley and Pierre – they hate the fish and would take it in another context.

Worth of Catfish Stardew Valley for Players

The catfish is worth 200g at the base, silver 250, iridium 400g, and Gold 300. The fishing profession at level 5 makes the fish worth 25% more than the base value.

The angler skill increases its value to 50% from level 10. When you apply both professional changes, the percentage for Iridium Catfish increases to 600g.

Where Can I Play Stardew Valley?

The game is available across platforms like Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, iOS, Play Station 4, and PC.  

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