Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11 is Coming this June

disney dreamlight valley update 11

Disney Dreamlight Valley update 11 is coming, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic. 

Summer break is right around the corner; what could be better news for Dreamlight fans than an update on our favorite game, Disney Dreamlight Valley?

Gameloft surely values its players and is now coming up with a new update that will resolve all issues faced by the players, ensuring a next-level gaming experience.

The Dreamlight Valley update 10 was back in May 2024, after which the players reported several bugs in the game. Some even claimed the Dreamlight Valley was unplayable after update 10.

Gameloft is now to the rescue and has announced the next Dreamlight Valley update. The Dreamlight Valley update 11 will fix all the high-priority bugs and make the game extra exciting. 

Let’s dive into the Dreamlight Valley and see what update 11 has in store for us.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11

The Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11 has been officially announced. It was expected to be released in late spring, but the developers have decided to drag it till summer. 

The players are eagerly anticipating what the new update will offer.

Each new Dreamlight Valley update adds new characters, features, and quests to the life sim. The roster of Dreamlight Valley residents has expanded so much already – and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Disney Dreamlight Valley YouTube page uploaded a video on 20 June 2024 announcing their new update 11. 

The new free update is named the Lucky Dragon update. The video featured two new characters, confirming the arrival of Mulan and Mushu in the update.

What’s New In the Next Dreamlight Valley Update

disney dreamlight valley update 11


The more the merrier!

Fans on social media have previously asked for characters like Cinderella, Belle, and Stitch. The valley is now populated with 30 characters, but the strongest Disney princess, Mulan, is still missing. As always, Gameloft has heard our voices.

Mulan and Mushu are ready to make their appearance in the valley via their realm. 

Mulan will be the first to arrive in your valley once you visit her realm and complete some quests. Then, you also have the chance to invite the tiny comedic dragon Mushu to join her.

Mulan, with her strong spirit and determination, will bring in new quests for the players to tackle. The developers still haven’t revealed anything about Mulans realm or any information about her quests. We will have to wait to unlock Mulan’s venture in the valley.

New Star Path

The Lucky Dragon update brings along a brand new star path, “Majesty and Magnolias.” Through this new star path, players will complete many tasks across their valleys and earn rewards.

The new Star Path adds several new furniture items and decorations like floating kites, paper lanterns, and an archway decorated with Magnolias, alongside a few new outfits, like one inspired by Mulan.

Many other new items and furniture will also be a part of this new star path, but they have been kept a secret, and will only be revealed to the players after the update is out.

The Majestic and Magnolias star path will have content based on Mulan and Mary Poppins. Here is the sneak peek of the Disney Dreamlight Valley update 11.

Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11 Release Date

It’s here! The new Lucky Dragon Update or the Disney Dreamlight Valley update 11 will be available free of cost on 26th June 2024.

Bug Fixed in DDLV Update 11

The Dreamlight Valley update is almost here, and developer Gameloft has revealed the bug fixes that the players can expect to see in the new update. 

The list includes a handful of fixes fans should be happy about, including the fix for the most annoying issue: making some objects appear invisible. 

This is a major bug in the Disney Dreamlight Valley Furniture and has led to frustrations among players over the last few weeks, especially those participating in DreamSnaps competitions.

The developers have stated that they are working on reducing the rate of crashes, which has been an early-phase issue. The rates of crashes have skyrocketed recently after the update 10.

The update 11 is also set to improve Disney Dreamlight Valley Quests. The developers are addressing the quest progression blockers, such as the game freezing during the outdoor cooking sessions. 

The issue itself is believed to have started after Update 10 and only affects some recipes, including The Sweet Samaritan Duty’s Mermaid Cupcake, Good Ol’ Fashioned Burger, and Piquant Piranha Soup, among a dozen others.

Update 11 will also make Daisy Ducks Boutique Challenges in the valley more accessible. Daisy herself will share when the players can tackle their next challenges.

Players can expect to see the following improvements in Disney Dreamlight Valley Update 11: 

  • Improvements to reduce crash rates on all platforms
  • Objects or furniture will no longer appear as invisible
  • Daisy will share the time when you can start your next Boutique Challenge
  • Players will be able to cook all recipes outdoors without risking a related freeze
  • Resolutions for various dresses with clipping issues
  • Quest progression blocker will be removed
  • Numerous other bug fixes & improvements

For the detail of the bug and fixes, here is the link to official Dreamlight Valley website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should we also expect a Dreamlight Valley update 12?

Currently, the developers are working on update 11, so we can’t expect an update 12 by late August 2024.

Will the third part of Rift in Time be a part of Dreamlight Valley Update 11?

The second part of Rift in Time was in Update 10, but the third and final part is not expected in Update 11. It is rumored to be present in Update 12, but Gameloft hasn’t announced yet.

Which new characters are expected in the Lucky Dragon Update?

Two new characters are expected in the Dreamlight Valley update 11: Mulan and her red dragon Mushu.

What are the new contents in the new star path, Majesty and Magnolia?

The new Star Path adds several new furniture items and decorations, like floating kites, paper lanterns, and an archway decorated with Magnolias, alongside a few new outfits inspired by Mulan.

Will Disney Dreamlight Valley crash after updating to Update 11?

The developers are ensuring that all the bugs that cause the crashes are removed. Hopefully, once you download the update 11, you won’t face any crashes.

What entails in Disney Dreamlight Valley update 11?

In Disney Dreamlight Valley update 11 the most wanted character Mulan was released, donno much about her realm. We will know as we play and explore. Also, the invisibility glitch is gone!

Parting Thoughts 

I am glad Disney is constantly working on what players request. Hopefully, Disney Dreamlight Valley update 11 will solve all the glitches that were affecting the gameplay.