How To Complete The Sweet Samaritan Duty in Disney Dreamlight Valley

The Sweet Samaritan Duty

Hello, my Disney Dreamlight Valley fans. Grab your seatbelts as we now have a new task to complete! The magical rooster has been updated with a new duty to accomplish: The Sweet Samaritan Duty. 

After the Thrills and Frills update three new duties are available, one being the sweet samaritan duty. The Samaritan Duty comes with an exciting mystery box which can be unlocked upon completion.

Unlike other duties, this mysterious task doesn’t tell you exactly what to do, it is more disguised as a secret mission. But don’t worry guys! I am here to guide you to complete this secret mission without glitches.

How To Start The Sweet Samaritan Duty

Well, the regular players would know how to access the new duty, but here is a quick how-to for the freshers.

The Sweet Samaritan Duty

The sweet samaritan duty can be accessed through the village tab. Once you have updated your game, the rooster will upgrade and will show you three new play cards;

  1. Button maker
  2. Popcorn- Enthusiast
  3. Sweet Samaritan

Upon selecting Sweet Samaritan, you have unlocked a whole new world. The Sweet Samaritan Duty will end up taking you to the kitchen setup. 

Revealing the Secret Mission

Like other Dreamlight Valley tasks, Sweet Samaritan also focuses on turning you into a kind and helpful villager. All the knots in your stomach can now come at peace as I reveal the secret of Sweet Samaritan Duty.

The Task


You have to make 50 themed cupcakes using the special recipes and gift out all of them to the villagers in Dreamvalley and Eternity Isle. However, it’s not as easy as it sounds, you will have to follow specific steps and recipes to make those special theme cupcakes. 

Only these customized cupcakes can be handed out to the villagers; you will get the points in turn. If you don’t follow the exact steps of the customized recipe, you won’t gain points and lose your ingredients.

Themed Cupcakes

The star components of the secret mission are the themed cupcake recipes. These cupcakes are known as Dreamlight Parks Fest Event cupcakes. 

The Sweet Samaritan Duty

There are a total of 5 recipes that can be followed to prepare the 50 cupcakes which will help in the completion of the Sweet Samaritan Duty. The recipes are named as;

  • Stitch Cupcakes
  • Mermaid Cupcakes
  • Minnie Cupcakes
  • Spaceship Earth Cupcakes
  • Princess Aurora Raspberry Cupcakes

Recipes for Themed Cupcakes

  1. Stitch Cupcakes
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Sugarcane
  • Blueberry
  1. Mermaid Cupcakes
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Sugarcane
  • Scallop
  1. Minnie Cupcakes
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Sugarcane
  • Apple
The Sweet Samaritan Duty recipes
  1. Spaceship Earth Cupcakes
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Sugarcane
  • Coconut
  1. Princess Aurora Raspberry Cupcakes
  • Milk
  • Wheat
  • Butter
  • Sugarcane
  • Raspberry

Some players say the Minnie Cupcakes and the Princess Aurora Cupcakes are the easiest recipes. 

These require simple ingredients that can be easily found in or near the plaza like raspberries and apples. These two recipes will help you complete the Sweet Samaritan Duty earlier than expected. 

However, you need to have enough Gold Star Coins to buy Milk and Butter, as these are the main ingredients in the recipes and are pretty pricey. 

You can make up by selling some of your items to top up the funds or can also buy or grow Sugarcane and Wheat in large quantities.

There are many other dessert recipes you can cook but only these five specific recipes are eligible for unlocking the reward of Sweet Samaritan Duty.

Gifting the Cupcakes

Baking the cupcakes is the battle half-won. The second half of the duty involves gifting it to your Disneyvalley neighbors. 

The Sweet Samaritan Duty recipe

You can distribute the 50 cupcakes to any villagers of your choice. Thanks to the creators, they did not add more twists to the already very complex situation. 

You can approach the villagers to gift them cupcakes directly or communicate through prompts to talk them into receiving the cupcakes from you. 

In the Sweet Samaritan duty there are no restrictions on which character you give your cupcakes, you can give it to any character and finish your mission as fast as possible. One character can receive multiple cupcakes as there aren’t 50 characters in the game.

Sweet Samatrian Duty Reward

When you give out your last cupcake to a villager, the Sweet Samaritan Duty will be completed and you can claim your reward for completing the duty. 

To get your reward, head back into your Dreamlight duties ‘Menu,’ pick the ‘Village’ subcategory, and select the ‘Sweet Samaritan Duty’ to get the Magic Kingdom Map wall banner. 

The reward includes a Magic Kingdom Map, which is a very stylish furniture item that can be placed indoors in the valley. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time does it take to complete the Sweet Samaritan Duty?

It can take up to two to three days to complete the duty as you will have to complete other activities and tasks or sell goods which will help you gain funds for the ingredients required.

How can I complete the Sweet Samaritan Duty in less time?

The sweet samaritan can be fulfilled in a shorter time by collecting funds for buying and growing the ingredients before starting the duty.

What is the benefit of completing the Sweet Samaritan Duty?

After completing the duty you will get a reward in the form of a Magic Kingdom Map, which is a fantastic addition to your Disney Valley collection.

I can’t find the Sweet Samaritan Play card in my tab.

Once you update your Disney Dreamlight Valley through Gameloft, only then you can access the Sweet Samaritan Duty and other thrill and frill updates.

Parting Thoughts

The new Disney Dreamlight Valley update has been amazing for players who were feeling stuck with old games. The Sweet Samartian Duty adds an extra layer of difficulty to keep you on your toes.

Hope this guide was helpful in clearing the level with ease. Take care and enjoy responsible gaming.