How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy?

how many episodes are in grey's anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy is no more a series but a routine for many. The series began airing in 2005 beginning the journey of Meredith Grey returning to her home in Seattle, and now she is mother of three. You may wonder how many episodes are in Grey’s Anatomy so far. But first, a brief dive into the concept behind the series.

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Grey’s Anatomy

The series was about Dr. Meredith Grey the intern who returns to Seattle and starts her internship at Seattle Grace Hospital. She was already dreading her decision as this place had too much history. But due to some constraints, she chose to be here.    

Meredith had a great batch of interns starting the same time around – Christina Yang, Izzie Stevens, and George O’Malley. They were working under Dr. Miranda Bailey, Chief Richard Webber, Dr. Preston Burke, and Dr. Derek Shepherd.

how many episodes are in grey's anatomy

The morning before she started her internship program, she had a one-night stand with a guy she picked from the bar, who turned out to be her boss. While Meredith was looking to have no drama, she invited more than she asked for in her first year as an intern.

The series entered its 19th season this year in 2023. A lot has changed from season one. Many characters have left the series, some died, some moved to other hospitals or countries, and many new faces have entered the hospital. The hospital is now Grey Salon Memorial Hospital in memory of two great doctors of the series.

how many episodes are in grey's anatomy

In 2023, the series entered its ninetenth season and made to the mark of 420 episodes.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 1?

Grey’s Anatomy season 1 has 9 episodes. Season one was a roller-coaster ride on its own. In the nine episodes, Meredith and her friends were involved in some major surgeries, discovered medical marvels, and fell in love.

Memorable Moments from Season 1 of Grey’s Anatomy

Episode 1, A Hard Day’s Night Meredith and Christina solve the mystery behind the athlete girl’s seizures. Meredith learns, that her one-night stand is her boss.

Episode 2, The First Cut is the Deepest: Meredith tends to rape a victim who coincidentally was wearing the same shoes as her. It disturbed her immensely for some reason. She is on a hunt to find roommates and keeps saying no to Izzie and O’Malley being her housemates.

Episode 4, No Man’s Land: This is the episode when Alex plasters Izzie’s modeling pictures in the locker room and later Izzie gives her piece of her mind. An old nurse is admitted to the hospital, she and Meredith share a secret about Meredith’s mother.

Episode 5, Shake Your Groove Thing: This was one of the most memorable episodes. Izzie was planning a party that kept getting bigger without even Meredith knowing. In the end, Izzie Couldn’t make it to her boyfriend’s welcome to Seattle party as she had to be in brain surgery. In this episode, she discovered Meredith having some McFun in the McCar.

Episode 6, If Tomorrow Never Comes: Bailey is giving Meredith a tough time because now she knows about the romantic interest. Alex was an evil spawn with the patient with a gigantic tumor.

Episode 7, The Self-Destruct Button: Derek and Meredith are playing hide and seek, meanwhile, Izzie and George cannot figure out the mystery man. Yang learns she doesn’t have flu, she is rather pregnant.

Episode 9, Who’s Zooming Who: It is STD-palooza at Seattle Grace. While Derek operated on Dr. Webber secretly, Izzie and Yang performed an unauthorized autopsy. Dr. Webber learned about Meredith and Derek while they thought he was under anesthesia.

How Many Episodes are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 2?

There are a total of 27 episodes in season 2. One may wonder, how many episodes are in Grey’s Anatomy until now? Let’s keep discovering as we take the road down the memory lane.

Memorable Moments in Grey’s Anatomy Season 2

Episode 1, Raindrops Keep Falling on My Head

In this episode, everyone’s favorite Joe, the bartender collapses due to a rare condition. Christina tells Meredith she is pregnant without telling her who is the father. George is asked to be Chief’s eyes and ears which is becoming difficult for him every minute.

Episode 2, Enough Is Enough

They get a family who went through a horrible accident only to reveal the father is an abuser. The teenage child gives the father his liver in exchange for cutting ties with him and his mother. A strange teenager comes to the hospital with several Judy Doll heads in his intestines.

Episode 3, Make Me Lose Control

In this episode, Ellis Grey comes to the hospital and thinks O’Malley is Thatcher. Meredith and Alex are working on a case with Dr. Shepard on a rare blushing condition. Christina collapsed during the surgery and Addison had to remove her fallopian tube due to ectopic pregnancy. Meredith tells Derek that hating him is the most exhausting thing.

Episode 4, Deny, Deny, Deny

Christina’s mother is visiting her, meanwhile, Alex learns he has failed an exam. Bailey lost an important patient. Ellis is still in hospital and George’s only task is to take care of her.

Episode 5, Bring the Pain

In this episode, we see a shaman blessing the patient for the surgery. This is the episode that brings glory to George when he treats a patient in critical condition stuck in a broken elevator. Izzie treats the lady who gets a heart attack every year on the same day. Christina aids a patient who watches porn for pain management during the hospital power breakdown. This is the pick me, chose me, love me episode too.

Episode 6, Into You Like a Train

While Meredith waits for Derek’s decision at the bar, a major train accident happens and the hospital is in an all-hands-on-deck kind of situation. Bailey asks Meredith to get the banana bag so she can shrug off the hangover and be of use. Bonnie with the pole, Christina with the wrong leg, and Izzie having to choose sides were also the highlights of this episode.

Episode 7, Something to Talk About

Meredith lashes on at everyone for treating the man with hysteric pregnancy like a zoo animal. Alex kissed Izzie in that historic sweep at Joe’s. Christina and Burke decided to go official while Derek and Addison were struggling to keep their relationship intact.

Episode 8, Let It Be

In this episode, Chief nags Bailey the whole time on her fellowship decision only to learn she is pregnant. A visit from Seattle friends disrupts Mr. and Mrs. Derek even further on their road to healing.

Episode 9, Thanks for the Memories

George gets a surprise visit from his brother and father. While everyone bailed on Izzie and her making turkey dinner plans, Burke helped her cook. Gradually everyone minus Meredith came when Izzie had lost hope.

Episode 10, Much Too Much

This is the episode where Meredith is mortified when her one-night stand shows up with Priapism. Izzie catches Alex with Olivia while she is helping Addison with quintuplets. Christina brings Burke to her untidy apartment so he can get to know her other side.

Episode 11, Owner of a Lonely Heart

An Inmate comes to the hospital and Christina finds herself sympathetic to her. Mostly interns are busy with quintuplets who are in critical condition. George treats a patient with leeches, Meredith helps Alex study, and they buy the dog.

Episode 12, Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

Most of the episode revolve around Christmas and hospital overflooding with cases.

Episode 13, Begin The Begin

Webber announces 80-hour workweek policy. Ellis is entered into Derek’s Alzheimer’s treatment. Bailey takes Christina to get the donor heart for Denny Duquette, who is developing great chemistry with Izzie.

Episode 14, Tell Me Sweet Little Lies

Meredith has to give the dog to Derek as George gave the warning. Christina “moves in” with Burke. George had to discharge an old lady using his Irish charm. Sydney comes to the hospital, and George becomes the team nurse.

Episode 15, Break on Through

In this episode, is mostly all about the nurse’s strike. Izzie reveals to a patient she has a daughter, and from now onwards, the hospital will not see Doctor Bailey as she is on maternity leave.

Episode 16, It’s the End of the World

This is one of the most watched and favorite episodes of Grey’s fans. Meredith had a feeling in the morning and she had to be kicked out of the bed. Patient with a live ammunition is brought in at the hospital. Bailey is back but in labor.

While she is waiting for her husband Tucker and delaying the labor, he is at the operating table with serious head injuries. Meredith was left with the patient with ammunition because the paramedic fled due to fear and lack of information.

Episode 17, As We Know It

Goerge helps Addison knock some sense into very pregnant and stubborn Bailey. Derek and Burke are operating on a very dangerous floor, with gas lines and live ammunition. The Chief of the bomb squad took the live ammunition away from the surgical floor but died due to the explosion. Derek and Burke came to the first-name basis, and then the infamous line “This is not the SHE he was looking for.” This episode is also one of the best ones.

Episode 18, Yesterday

Enters McSteamy aka Dr. Mark Sloan, and Derek greets him with a punch. Patient with spontaneous orgasms come to the hospital, Sloan and Derek treat the patient for facial tumors. Meredith sees her father after many years, and Goerge professes his love to Meredith.

Episode 19, What Have I Done to Deserve This

Geroge and Meredith had an embarrassing/romantic/mortifying interaction post Goerge’s confession. George spends his day avoiding Meredith and everyone cannot figure out why. This is when George falls down the stairs and meets Dr. Callie Torres. Denny Duquette is back.

Episode 20, Band-Aid Covers the Bullet Hole

Christina minds little Little Tucker for Doctor Bailey while she operates. The lady with the fork comes to the hospital while, George starts living with Burke and Christina. There is a sliver of hope for Addison and Derek.

Episode 21, Superstition

Addison Jujus everyone including Meredith with a cuppa to ward off any more deaths. Izzie worries about Denny’s surgery amid more death speculations due to the superstition.

Episode 22, The Name of the Game

Meredith takes up knitting and celibacy. Meredith’s sister is admitted to the hospital and only George knows. Izzie gets closer to Denny and keeps nagging George to move back home.

Episode 23, Blue’s for Sister Someone

Meredith decides to date the “dog’s” vet. Derek and Addison reconnect, and a patient delivering her seventh child requests Addision to tie her tubes without letting her husband know.

Episode 24, Damage Case

Mostly everyone is just pissed in this episode. Derek is mad at Meredith for dating the vet, Callie is mad at George for not standing up for her, and Denny is mad at his situation which he can do nothing to fix.

Episode 25, 17 Seconds

Victims of gunshot came to the hospital. Meredith is worried about the dog’s bone disease and asks Callie for advice. Burke takes Alex to get the heart for Denny. Izzie learns that Deny might not get the heart so she decides to deteriorate his condition. Callie tells George she loves him, and right then Izzie comes hurriedly to get him for Denny.

Episode 26, Deterioration of the Fight or Flight Response

The famous LVAD episode. Izzie and the interns keep working to keep Denny alive while he proposes to her. There was more shooting and Burke came in the crossfire getting shot in his shoulder. Doctor Webber’s niece is hospitalized and she got her cancer back.

Episode 27, Losing My Religion

Interns are questioned about who cut the LVAD, and all interns talk about everything except LVAD. Hence they don’t get to be in any surgery and throw a prom for his niece. Izzie hurries to meet Denny as soon as she reaches the hospital in the prom dress, who she finds dead. Meredith reunites with Derek in the exam room, and Callie comes to take her for Izzie. After Alex removes her from the dead Denny’s bed, she tells Webber she was the one who cut LVAD and she quits.

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How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 3

There are a total of 25 episodes in the third season of Grey’s Anatomy. A lot changed this season and we will discuss some of the highlighted and profound moments with you.

Memorable Moments of Season 3

Izzie went home quitting the job after Denny’s death and lived on the bathroom floor for a saddening long time. Her friends wouldn’t take it and kept nudging her to grieve in different forms.

Addison found Meredith’s panties in Derek’s coat pocket and put them on the bulletin board. Callie claimed them to save Meredith from Bailey’s wrath.

Christina meets “Preston’s” parents. Izzie bakes a lot to cope. Meredith decides to date Derek and Finn (the vet) because she cannot decide between them. Bailey visits Izzie and tells her to come back.

Burke is vulnerable due to tremors in his hand. Izzie stands outside the hospital the whole day trying to go inside the building. Alex meets the superhero girl with an abnormal pain threshold.

Meredith’s appendix burst, and under the influence of painkillers, she spoke her heart out. Christina and Burke decide to work together as a team and no one should know about his hand tremor. Meanwhile, Izzie meets Denny’s father who gave her 8.7 million as per Denny’s wishes.

MnM (Morbidity and Mortality) conference was all about grilling Bailey for Denny’s death.

Derek and Addison finalize their divorce and Derek feels not guilty after the divorce on learning that Mark and Addison’s fling went on for quite a long. While Christina covers Burke in surgery performing running whipstitch, mortified and discouraged Izzie feels motivated and new spark to pursue medicine.

Christina removes Bailey’s name from the surgical board. Alex feels the pull towards the gynea while Mark keeps bullying him. Since Izzie is under strict supervision, she is shadowing Meredith for the day. Bailey finally sees Yang running the operations board for Burke.

The boys go camping, and George sees Burke’s hand tremor. Back at the hospital, Bailey’s way of punishing Christina for removing her name was the child who swallowed 21 monopoly pieces. Sydney who heals with hugs is counselling Izzie now.

George’s father Harold O ‘Malley was brought to Seattle Grace Hospital. The family instantly became very close to Callie, but Goerge wouldn’t have it as she cheated on him and told her to stay away from his family.

He calls Doctor Hanh for his father’s surgery as he is sure Burke’s hand is not okay. Christina snaps under the pressure goes to Webber, and confesses everything.

Webber is in a fix as he planned to bring Doctor Hanh on board and recommend Preston Burke for chief to the board. A very complicated surgery of conjoined twins, makes Derek doubt himself, but a talk with Bailey puts him back on track.

Izzie anonymously donated from Denny’s fund for a complicated surgery. George’s father is critical and he may have to make tough choices. Izzie and Bailey initiated the Denny Duquette Memorial Clinic. A ferry boat incident requires all doctors to reach the site.

Alex rescues the woman under the debris, meanwhile, in an unfortunate accident Meredith falls in the river. Derek retrieved her after a long time. Burke, Bailey, Richard, and Addison worked for more than half an hour to retrieve her.

After a long struggle, she wakes and Christina couldn’t wait to tell her news about the engagement. George had a fight with Callie, his wife, and drank heavily with Izzie to wake up in her bed the next day. Meredith is getting comfortable with Thatcher’s wife Susan.

Exams are approaching, and Alex gets super close to ferry victim, Ava. Callie can tell something happened with George and Izzie, and Susan dies at Seattle Grace in a rare complication of hiccups. George fails the exam, Burke leaves Christina at the altar.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 4

There are a total of 17 episodes in the third season of Grey’s Anatomy. This time the season was shorter than the last ones.

Memorable Moments from Season 4

Meredith and Yang return from the honeymoon to find there is absolutely no trace of Preston Burke. Callie is the new chief resident meanwhile, Izzie, Meredith, Christina, and Alex are residents and manage interns.

There is one particular intern who catches my interest, Lexie Grey. She is Meredith’s sister, the daughter of Thatcher Grey and Susan. Derek is serious about taking the relationship ahead, meanwhile, Meredith makes a mockery by keeping things casual.

Callie moves into Christina’s apartment after breaking up with George. Erica Hanh is the new head of cardio, ignores Christina, and is Callie’s best friend. Izzie and George find out things cannot work with them, and they were too drunk that night to make something special out of that one night would be a mistake.

Derek is seeing Rose.

Two ambulances crash in the hospital’s ambulance bay. Bailey had to rise above to treat the patient with a swastika tattooed on his abdomen. Meanwhile, Meredith climbs inside a toppled ambulance to give instant care to a medic.

Meredith succumbed to Lexie’s constant tries and is getting to know her sister. George and Lexie live in a cockroach-infested apartment meanwhile, Meredith uncovers a sad neurological condition in the bear attack victim.

Addison visits from LA, disappointed to find Meredith and Derek aren’t together. She hints Erica and Callie are a couple, meanwhile, Callie sleeps with Mark. The hospital has now a date and tell policy due to Mark.

Meredith and Derek are working on a trial. While she won the shiny pager in the contest by Bailey. Boy in the Cement comes to the hospital and Rebecca (Ava) is back with psychiatric issues Alex refuses to admit. Meredith is turning a corner in her therapy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 5

There are a total of 24 episodes in the third season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Memorable Moments from Season 5

Enters Doctor Hunt, the military doctor who is an abrasive and hard pill. Christina has an icicle in her abdomen which Doctor Hunt pulls out. Mark makes fun of Lexie who has feelings for George.

The ceiling in the operation theatre collapses on a patient. Derek is moving into the house, and Meredith is feeling suffocated already. George retakes the exam after the bad day of the roof collapsing and becomes the resident.

Residents spend a day awe-struck in the dermatology department. Bailey is planning a ‘domino’ surgery which Butterfinger (Meredith) almost ruined.

A magazine publishes an article about Derek and Meredith’s trial as “Sherpard’s Method” offending Meredith as it was originally her idea. Derek tells Mark to seduce Yang so she can stop nagging Meredith with Ellis’s journals.

Interns go rogue because residents aren’t letting them do any procedures. Led by Saddie, things get out of hand, meanwhile, Erica Hanh leaves the Seattle Grace and head of cardio.

Izzie is seeing Denny (the ghost of Denny) which is getting more pronounced and powerful. Mark is developing feelings for Lexie. Christina was awarded the solo surgery but had to reassign it to someone as a punishment for her bad teaching and leadership qualities.

Arizona Robins is a new induction in the hospital.

Meredith and Derek are at a loss to help each other understand their stance on death row patients. Derek’s mother is visiting and meeting Meredith. Nerves are on high alert.

Derek’s mother’s interaction with Owen triggers a not-so-fond memory.

Addison returns to Seattle with his brothers who have worms in his brains and need Derek’s instant attention. Izzie is bringing joy back to students by finding a way to treat ‘Patient X.’

Little Grey breaks Mark.

Finally, when Izzie can’t take it anymore she confines to Christina because she would keep it to herself – only to find out, she is interviewing and reaching doctors to treat her notorious brain tumor.

Derek who has gone to a dark place after failed surgeries, is told by Meredith, that he has a gift and he can’t throw it away by drinking beer and hanging out at his trailer when Izzie needs to be operated.

Owen strangles Christina in his sleep.

Derek proposes to Meredith in the elevator and Izzie is preparing for the wedding. They are letting her go all out, as it keeps her mind away from chemos, surgery, tumor, and Denny.

But, soon she develops more mets, faster than anticipated. Meredith and Derek decided to surprise Izzie by getting them married instead – Izzie and Alex.

George is inspired by Owen and plans to join the army as a trauma surgeon.

Izzie has another surgery only to wake up with short-term memory loss. A patient comes to the hospital with severe injuries and a heavily injured face as he jumped in front of a bus to save a stranger. He keeps writing something on Meredith’s hand. She understands it later, he is writing 0-0-7, meaning, he is George.

Izzie loses conscious, and so does George.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 6

There are a total of 24 episodes in the third season of Grey’s Anatomy.

Memorable Moments from Season 6

George died, and Izzie lives but she has a long road to recovery. Seattle Grace is having a tough time hence following the merger with Mercy West.

While all residents are intense from budget cuts, Meredith is a patient after donating her liver to her father. Amid all the chaos, a patient died due to negligence. The hospital sets up the inquiry board.

Webber is on the warpath for expenses, meanwhile, Derek operates for two days on an inoperable tumor of the spine. Webber is drinking again and stepping down from surgery post some serious mistakes.

Owen brings Teddy Altman as a gift for Christina.

Mark has a teenage pregnant daughter which causes Lexie and Mark to break up. Derek realizes Webber is drinking and brings this to the board.

Derek is the interim chief.

He fixes the mistakes from the past and brings the fired employees Meghan and April back. Kepner doesn’t join as a surgeon and remains chief’s aid.

Alex’s brother visits the hospital due to an ailment. Bailey cannot believe despite all the problems, Alex turned out to be such an amazing human.

A shooter is loose in the hospital.

He shot many interns and nurses dead. He is mainly looking for Webber, Derek, Bailey, and Lexie – doctors to his wife, he is a grieving widower.

He shot Derek. In a very smart move by Jackson Avery, Gary (the shooter) thinks Derek is dead and walks away from the operation theatre to look for other targets.

Christina operates on Derek in an extremely traumatic state, while Meredith operates on Owen during she miscarries. Gary finally meets Webber and a gunshot is heard.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 7

There are a total of 22 episodes in the seventh season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 8

There are a total of 24 episodes in the eighth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 9

There are a total of 24 episodes in the ninth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 10

There are a total of 24 episodes in the tenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 11

There are a total of 25 episodes in the eleventh season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 12

There are a total of 24 episodes in the twelfth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 13

There are a total of 24 episodes in the thirteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 14

There are a total of 24 episodes in the fourteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 15

There are a total of 25 episodes in the fifteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 16

There are a total of 21 episodes in the sixteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 17

There are a total of 17 episodes in the seventeenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 18

There are a total of 20 episodes in the eighteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.

How Many Episodes Are in Grey’s Anatomy Season 19

There are a total of 20 episodes in the nineteenth season of Grey’s Anatomy.