Recycle Runway Event ǀ Merge Mansion

Recycle Runway Event

The new Recycle Runway Event in Merge Mansion is all about fast fashion and its repercussions on the environment. The creators of the game have taken a nice initiative to address the pressing issue of the time with a twist.

Just around the time for Earth Day, it makes sense when there have been mass protests in metropolitan cities for Fast Fashion awareness.

The game is all about merging things, recycling, repurposing, and reusing elements to make something new. For those who love the game, it is a slight twist from the usual game entering into a green arena where you merge for best practices.

Recycle Runway Event

The event will go on for ten days. I was feeling low and unenthusiastic from the game these days, with the occasional fishing event coming for three days. There is a parallel event of The Wedding Mystery Event which is giving off the vibe of Lady Voyance’s Event. None of these were keeping me hooked.

recycle runway event

Now this one is new and interesting. I find merges are predictable yet challenging. Since its third day in the game, I have uncovered some of the elements, while some remain a mystery.

I am going to share some of my findings and will keep updating as the game progresses.

Photoshoot ǀ Event Points

It appears these are the elements that get you the event points. They come out of various producers.

recycle runway event

Instant Photo> Photo Series> Stack of Photos> Framed Photo> Photo Binder> Photo Albums> Social Media Photo> Blog Post> News Story> 10> 11

As you earn the points, the meter fills up unlocking 30 levels in The Recycle Runway Collection. These include diamonds, coins, hourglass, energy, reward box, brown chest, blue chest, Ursula‘s Blue card, and event decorations.

Three Boxes

So there are boxes in this event that give out tons of products.

recycle runway event
recycle runway event
recycle runway event

Stage Decorations

The elements to build the stage come out of the Mixed Materials Box.

recycle runway event

After a while, the elements finish and you can make your way to get another one from Project Table Active. A Project Table Empty requires Sewing Patterns to activate. Too much info, wait, let me explain.

recycle runway event

Get it?

So how do you activate a Project Table Empty?

recycle runway event

Fashion Sketch > Sketch Book > Sewing Pattern

The sewing pattern is the third and last merge in Sewing designs and activates the Project Table.

recycle runway event

two-by-fours > Wooden Bench > Mini Platforms > Tire Planters > Mannequin > Clothing Rack > Mini Stage > Round Platform > Raised Platform > Wood Sclupture.

Grandma’s Trunk

Update: Grandma’s Trunk is the last producer of this event and you get event elements, tons of those, just like Garden Warrior Couture.

recycle runway event

Thin Disguise> Basic Disguise> Wig> Gloves> Hat with Holes> Trench Coat> Briefcase

So far I cannot make sense of these elements, but I am hoping it will merge into the last producer of the event I still haven’t unlocked.

recycle runway event

(this is the progress from day 3) Right now, I have achieved Grandma’s briefcase, and exhausted it, producing roughly over 20 elements in the Photoshoot. Most of the time it’s Stack of Photos and Photo Series.

How to Get Dressing Table in Recycle Runway Event

The elements you get from the Recycled Clothes Box Merge to form the Dressing Table.

recycle runway event

Button> Pile of Buttons> Fasteners> Zippers & Buttons> Half-finished Jacket> Finished Jacket> Dressing Table

Garden Warrior Couture in Recycle Runway Event

Now this element is very important to the game. The last element Garden Warrior Couture gives the element that merges to give you the event points.

recycle runway event

Couture Cape> Lightbulb Headpiece> Fancy Fascinator> Cascading Top> Flower Corset> Rake Couture> Glove Creation> Garden Warrior Couture

You would find Garden Warrior Couture is too much work but it is worth it. From this active producer, you get tons of event products in the Photoshoot segment.

How to Get the Crafting Desk

The elements from the Assorted Material box merge to form the crafting desk

recycle runway event

Big Pliers> Stitch Marker> Pliers & File> Caliper> Hammer> Glue Gun> Vice> Clamp> Crafting Desk

How to Get the Sewing Machine

The Recycling Skip that you unlock in the start of the game has these elements. Merge them to get the Sewing Machine in Recycle Runway Event.

recycle runway event

Thread> Needle & Thread> Seam Ripper> Thimble> Pin Cushion> Fabric Scissors> Sewing Machine

Parting Thoughts

It sure merely is a game, but it gives you a lot to think about. Children who play this game, develop a curiosity about how they can repurpose, reuse and recycle things.

And for us, it can be a forgotten lesson in the sustainability quest. So far, I am enjoying the Recycle Runway Event and look forward to unlocking more elements.


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