Schitts Creek Meme – I Am Feeling a Little Bit Alexis!

Schitts Creek meme

You often see those Schitts Creek memes on chats across various platforms. The series happens to have amazing dialogues and comebacks!

For me, Schitts’s Creek is just like FRIENDS, I could watch it on repeat. The dry, slapstick humour of mother-son duo, David Rose and Moira Rose is hilarious in a not too much laugh-out-loud way, but in a way, “Hey, these are my people!”

The Schitt’s Creek humor is not for everyone. For those of us, who are often misunderstood for our weird humour and its timing, they are like “my lost people.”

The dialogue in the series was so aptly delivered, that there should be a huge archive of Schitts Creek memes. Here are some of my favourite ones.

Alexis from Schitts Creek

ARE YOU!!!???

Schitts Creek Memes

The memes of the series have been an integral part of chat for people of all ages who understand the Schitts Creek language. Schitts Creek memes are conversation completor in themselves. I will share some of my favorite Schitts Creek memes while there are hundreds.

Let’s begin then.

David and his nonchalant and effortless vanity is the winner, always!

david rose schitts creek

Another person who holds candle to David’s wit is his mother.

schitts creek meme

But she cannot fold in the cheese!

Jocelyn oh poor Jocelyn, she always tried to keep things cool, well most of the time.

Jocelyn from schitts creek

And then Moira Rose blows us away!

Schitts Creek meme

Don’t We All?

But then there is Stevie, the missing puzzle that completed David

Schitts Creek meme

Then there is David Rose being himself

Schitts Creek meme

Roland always cracks me up, until he is not dipping his hand in the curry.

Schitts Creek meme

Fun Facts About Schitt’s Creek

  • The show doesn’t mention where the fictional town Schitt’s Creek is located. Most of the series was shot in studios in Toronto for the indoor scenes and outdoor scenes, they were in Pinewood Toronto Studio, in the Port Lands area in Toronto.
  • Twyla, the cafe owner is the real-life sister of David Rose. Yes, check the credits – Eugene Levy, Dan Levy, and Sarah Levy. Mind blown?
  • Mutt’s reduced role was due to his busy schedule.
  • Moira Rose’s wigs, accent and complex use of words were all Catherine O’Hara’s ideas.
  • Noah Read who plays Dan Levy’s love interest is a singer in real life. So if you sobbed during his performance “The Best” in Rose Apothecary open mic night, you should know Dan Levy cried too when he heard the clip sent by Noah the first time.


The series has a total of six seasons and won a series of Emmys, Golden Globes, Critic’s Choice Awards, and Screen Awards.

Eugene Levy, Frank Levy, and Dan Levy are the masterminds of the show. Catherine O’Hara added a lot more to her character than what was asked. She added her touch, a different accent, and priceless expression in delivering each line.

The brilliance of all the actors and their constant work on character is what made this series an ultimate hit, and the Schitts Creek memes, are an important part of our conversations.

On an ending note, let’s hope Young Sheldon season 7 comes out soon so we can have our fix of great content.


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