Young Sheldon Season 7 ǀ Plot, Release Date, What to Expect

Young sheldon season 7

Update: You can watch Young Sheldon season 7 on CBS using a Paramount+ subscription from February 15, 2024.

Did you know the story of Young Sheldon had one last season? Young Sheldon season 7 is scheduled for release in February 2024.

These are just initial speculation as the series could delay further due to SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes. While CBS has green-lit three seasons in 2021, there is no word regarding season 8 yet, so we are assuming season 7 will be the last one.

In the prequel to Big Bang Theory, Sheldon will continue to grow and succeed in academics. This year is a cornerstone in the Young Sheldon enterprise, where the story will take its final turn for Big Bang Theory.

Before the Young Sheldon Season 7 comes out, best to catch up with previous seasons.     

How Many Seasons of Young Sheldon Are There?

There are so far six seasons of the series:

  • Young Sheldon Season 6 – September 2022
  • Young Sheldon Season 5 – October 2021
  • Young Sheldon Season 4 – November 2020
  • Young Sheldon Season 3 – September 2019
  • Young Sheldon Season 2 – September 2018
  • Young Sheldon Season 1 – September 2017

Young Sheldon Season 7 Release Date

Young Sheldon season 7

Recent update: February 15, 2024. 

These are just speculations for the release of Young Sheldon season 7 because of the continuous delays due to SAG-AFTRA and WA strikes.

The actors and writers keep moving back from picket fences to the studios depending on the terms and conditions being revised by the streaming giants and studios.

Where to Watch Young Sheldon

  • In New Zealand, you watch it on TVNZ+.
  • In Australia, you can watch it on Binge.
  • If you have CTV in Canada, you can stream all six seasons.  
  • You can watch the series in the UK if you have Channel 4.
  • If you have access to Paramount+, you can easily watch all the seasons of Young Sheldon.  

Young Sheldon Cast

  • Iain Armitage – Sheldon Cooper
  • Montana Jordan – Georgie Cooper
  • Zoe Perry – Mary Cooper
  • Raegan Revord – Missy Cooper
  • Lance Barber – George Cooper Sr.
  • Annie Potts – Meemaw/Connie Tucker
  • Emily Osment – Mandy McAllister  
  • Wallace Shawn – John Sturgis
  • Mckenna Grace – Paige Swanson
  • Matt Hobby – Pastor Jeff
  • Melissa Peterman – Brenda Sparks
  • Wyatt McClure – Billy Sparks
  • Jim Parsons – The narrator  

Who Plays Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon season 7

Ian Armitage is the child actor playing Young Sheldon. However, the voiceover for the series was given by Jim Parsons, played by Sheldon Cooper in Big Bang Theory.

Georgie Young Sheldon

The actor who plays Georgie, Montana Jordan, is a relatively new actor. It is quite a surprise to see he is so comfortable in front of the camera, and his nonchalant demeanor is fit for the screen.

Young Sheldon season 7

Besides Young Sheldon, he starred in The Legacy of a Whitetail Deer Hunter and Big Bang Theory, and he further showed his acting chops.

Paige Young Sheldon

Young Sheldon season 7

Mckenna Grace plays the role of young child prodigy Paige Swanson, who sometimes Young Sheldon can relate to.

You would be surprised to know the young actress played the role of Ester in The Handmaid’s Tale, which made many heads turn.

You will also find her in A Friend of the Family, the Bad Seed Returns, Just Beyond, Scoob, Fuller House, Troop Zero, and some of the famous titles.      

Missy From Young Sheldon

Missy Cooper Young Sheldon Season 7

Missy Cooper, played by Raegan Revord, is the sassy and funny twin. She is the only person who would put Sheldon in his place, and he would take her seriously.

The actress works on several projects, including Young Clare, Modern Family, Stray, I See You, Grace and Frankie, Teachers, and Wish Upon.   

She has recently been working on her book “My Story as a Gold Nugget.” Moreover, she has pitched a script of the story to the studios. The actress is an avid reader and started her book club on Instagram, which you can find with #ReadingWithRaegan.

George Cooper’s Death

In Big Bang Theory, it was clearly mentioned George died of cardiac issues when Young Sheldon was merely fourteen. So, it is expected to see the death because the story is a prequel to Big Bang Theory.

George Cooper Young Sheldon season 7

In five seasons, there were two incidents of George having heart issues and being taken to the hospital. He was heading to this condition with his careless attitude and beer belly.

Due to SAG-AFTRA and WGA strikes, there have been constant delays in production and release for the next season. The actor who plays Sheldon Cooper, Iain Armitage, is already in his fourteen years.

The creators of the show are already running behind to tell the story and go back on creation mode full throttle before Iain turns fifteen and starts contradicting the story arc with his teenage looks.   

What to Expect from Young Sheldon Season 7?

Young sheldon season 7

Young Sheldon season 7 will be the last in the series. The story will give the series an arc that can be linked to the Big Bang Theory.

Yes, there will be a death and a marriage; this can already be deduced from the Big Bang Theory.

George Cooper’s death will show up this season. It may happen somewhere by the end of the series because the creators have put great emphasis on mellowing the subtext that came with George being a lazy father and his cheating, as mentioned many times in Big Bang Theory.

As opposed to how it was mentioned in BBT, Young Sheldon has tried to bring the discussion of infidelity a few notches down to maintain the theme of subtility, cheerfulness, and family-centric content.

It is still unsure if the season will explore the early death and how each character evolves from it or if it will come later, around the end of Young Sheldon season 7.

For me, the whole point of the prequel was to see things unfold, as there was a lot left for assumption from BBT.

Now that there is a prequel that can give us a stark depiction of how and what went down, I would like to watch to see each character develop from George’s death in Young Sheldon season 7.

It was mentioned in BBT and sometime in Young Sheldon that Georgie married for the ‘first time’ when he was nineteen. So, this season, there will be marriage down the line for Mindy and Georgie.      

From all the news mill and stories from BBT and post-tornado, Missy Cooper will play a significant role in helping the family bounce back.

Meemaw Young sheldon season 7

Meemaw will move in with Dale Ballard finally. This would result from the damage and devastation due to the tornado that destroyed her house.

Assuming Sheldon and Mary will hear soon about the tornado as they are gone to Germany for a conference for Caltech, they will return at the beginning of Young Sheldon season 7 OR NOT – you never know.

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