What Is Ice Hack Weight Loss About? Let’s Dissect

Ice Hack Weight Loss

The hack has turned some heads in TikTok and other social media platforms, garnering millions of views. The hashtag #icehack is trending even today because viewers constantly need to find shortcuts to lose weight. 

Since the Ice Hack Weight Loss is making waves, let’s understand everything there is to know about this hack. Does it really work? Is it just a sham? Let’s find out. 

What is Ice Hack Weight Loss?

The famous Alpine ice hack, also termed as ice hack weight loss, is trending for its ease and promises of quick results. 

Ice Hack Weight Loss

According to Kimberly Gomer, a registered dietitian focusing on weight management for patients, it doesn’t come off as a complete diet plan. It is merely consuming ice water with Alpilean, the dietary supplement. 

The supplement’s components raise the body’s temperature, boosting the metabolism. The sudden increase in metabolism can result in the dissolving of fats. 

Does that Work?

Well, this is where we like to involve science to get clarity. The link between high body temperature and weight loss is weak. The Alpilean ice hack cannot be the only factor that would help in weight loss. 

A person interested in weight loss would need to deploy many lifestyle changes, including ice hack weight loss. 

The body loses its active metabolism gradually. Combined with a sedentary lifestyle, poor diet, and decreased physical activity are the prime factors. 

The fact that Alpilean ice hack weight loss doesn’t talk about dietary changes or physical activity is a red flag in itself. 

Plus, you would only find influencers endorsing the Ice Hack weight loss. Haven’t we all tried those multitudes of skincare brands endorsed by influencers and found no difference on the skin – yup, time to step back and think twice.

Alpilean Weight Loss Hack

The claims of Alpilean come from the many great herbs and roots that make up the supplement. These components give the metabolism the boost it needs to lose weight – as claimed by the influencers.

Ice Hack Weight Loss

I fail to understand how a person can lose weight just with a slight metabolic boost. It should be driven by some tough workout sessions and strict diet plans that would give the body the push that it needs to lose weight.

Then there is the absence of any word from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Here are the ingredients that make the Alpilean supplement.     

Ingredients of Alpilean Ice Hack

  1. Turmeric Root 
  2. Golden Algae – Fucoxanthin 
  3. Ginger Root 
  4. Bigarade Root – Citrus Bioflavonoids 
  5. Drumstick Tree Leaf – Moringa 
  6. Dika Nut – African Mango Seed 
  • Turmeric Root: Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric root improves heart health and prevents Alzheimer’s and cancer. The root wouldn’t work alone for weight loss unless consumed with decent workout sessions and diet. 
  • Ginger Root: Proven impact for lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, and blood sugar; Ginger roots help reduce inflammation. The studies conducted on humans were limited and required extensive testing. But if you take ginger roots regularly coupled with exercise, and diet plan would show some proven results.  
  • Golden Algae: Primarily benefitting skin and hair – the plant is rich in polysaccharides. It hydrates the skin, improves elasticity, and results in radiant skin. The presence of beta-carotene and vitamin C rid the body of free radicals and oxidative stress. It is a great contributor to well-being.    
  • Bigarade Root: The food is famous in traditional Chinese medicine for the treatment of stomach issues like dysentery, diarrhea, constipation, and indigestion. 
  • Drumstick Tree Leaf: Commonly known as Moringa, the leaves are commonly associated with weight loss. But people who consume Moringa for weight loss combine a set diet plan and exercise for the plant to work in shedding some calories. 
  • Dika Nut: The nuts contain iron, polyphenols, and fatty acids. The trials done for the link of Dika nut with weight loss were done on small populations. More and better studies are needed to explore its link with weight loss. 

Ice Hack Weight Loss or Cryotherapy

Ice Hack Weight Loss with cyrotherapy

The therapy is used actively in gyms to promote muscle recovery and aid in weight loss. There are some studies that suggest that coupled with rigorous workouts, cryotherapy increases the fat-loss process. 

However, increased risks include oxygen deficiency, eye injury, burns, and even frostbite. So, these therapies must be regulated after careful consideration with health care advisors. 

Cold Showers vs Ice Hack Weight Loss

Ice Hack Weight Loss for showers

Cold showers are the recent rage for their many benefits for weight loss. The cold showers wouldn’t work on their own, but constant workouts and a rigorous diet plan would benefit a lot from cold showers for weight loss.     

Parting Wisdom

Alpilean or ice hack weight loss or Rebel Wilson Diet – one thing is confirmed: any shortcut that leads to weight loss is not good for your health. A successful weight loss is a regimen that includes a diet plan, calorie cutbacks, and good exercise. 

If you want to include something that benefits your health along the way, you should look into Flaxseeds and its effects on health.

The ice hack weight loss may be trending in the internet world, but no real people are coming up and discussing its benefits, only the influencers. 

So, before you jump on the bandwagon of ice hack weight loss or any other quick hacks, remember to do your due diligence.