Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diet Revealed!

rebel wilson weight loss

Rebel Wilson lost 80 lbs. with walking and diet: here is how. 

Rebel Wilson got fame and recognition for her role in Pitch Perfect as Fat Amy. Later in Jojo Rabbit and Bridesmaids, her role deflected a lot on her body size and made her role comical: that’s twisted, yet viewers loved her for her size.

But Rebel wanted to feel healthier for herself and her child. With her magical transformation, Rebel Wilson weight loss method has become quite famous.

She was taking takeouts many times a week and dealing with her emotions with a tub of ice cream. In 2020, she declared on the internet that this year would be about her health, and announcing would make her accountable to her viewers.

It was a calculated decision. She wanted a sense of accountability meanwhile, having people rooting for you is also a good way to keep yourself motivated.

Here is how she incorporated some key elements to maintain her diet.

Disclaimer: Everybody responds differently to a diet. It is advised to check with your healthcare professional what works best for you. 

7 Pearls of Wisdom Deduced from Rebel Wilson Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson weight loss
Sole purpose of this picture is ‘Motivation’

#1 Watch What You Eat

Rebel worked with dieticians and doctors to assess what works for her body type. She tried many methods and diets and tested what worked best for her.

Ultimately, she deduced that she needed to stick to 1500 calories per day. She also felt the protein-rich diet worked grand.

Protein, **hint hint** (flaxseed).

She was watchful of what she was eating and how her body reacted to it later. It helped her learn about her health triggers. All in all, she was eating clean and watching the calorie intake.

Now that she has reached her goal weight, she takes 2000-2500 calories daily. She also indulges in ice cream, chocolate, and snacks, so the diet regimen stays practical and doable.

Just a side note, I have some great low-calorie chicken recipes for weight loss in this blog. If you are planning to follow Rebel Wilson weight loss method, these healthy and delicious recipes will keep you going.

#2 Stay in Check with Your Emotions

Any normal person who tends to sweep emotions under the rug resorts to stress and binge eating. Managing stress and emotions kept her true to herself and her feelings.

She found out that letting yourself feel certain things was not wrong. In those moments, you can let yourself drown in the sorrow so you can bounce back after healing.

#3 Love Yourself

Being confident and low self-esteem are not linked. A person can be as confident as a Hollywood actress talking about her body size with no problem but can have a problem with loving herself.

It all starts with how you see yourself. If those extra pounds are in the way of loving yourself, you should shed them. There is nothing wrong with accepting what you like for yourself.

But this decision should be influenced by societal standards. If you go down that road, there is no end to it. Set yourself some realistic goals, and begin with loving yourself. I would use this mantra as the cornerstone of the Rebel Wilson weight loss method.

#4 Imperfections are Beautiful

The actress emphasized that you cannot constantly pressure yourself to reach certain standards. Some body parts will have those curves, and some might come close to your target.

She said not to label these imperfections but to consider them equally beautiful. If, on a certain day, you don’t feel like following the diet, let it go for a day; it will help you come back to the routine with renewed energy.

#5 Set a Goal

rebel wilson in pitch perfect
Scene from the movie Pitch Perfect

Wilson had PCOS and had to freeze her eggs. This was her driving motive and kept her rooted in her plan.

She found out the plan to fix her health and resolve fertility issues was a good goal to keep her centered. Everyone who aims to lose weight should have a goal that would keep them driven.

Rebel Wilson weight loss needs a focal point. Because each year, we decide to lose some weight and get back into our favourite jeans, but the goal doesn’t have an impact on keeping us driven. This is why some people lose focus within a few weeks. She emphasized setting a goal that wouldn’t deter you from the target.

# 6 Find a Way to Stay Fit

Ok, this is important. You must find a way to stay fit that you can practically carry on for months or years.

In Wilson’s case, her doctor advised her to walk for an hour. Walking helped her a lot, and it was her favourite method. She didn’t feel great about going to the gym and doing workouts. However, she incorporated them some days with a personal trainer.

But now, when she has reached her target, she still continues the 60-minute walk.

The takeaway is to do something you enjoy and mix it with workouts and exercises. From the start, it will help reach the goal faster.

#7 Meditate!

Stress and anxiety bring you back to stress eating.

Wilson found mediation was a great help in keeping her emotional health in check. For a few minutes each day, unplug and stop. Give a few minutes of quiet time to your soul and meditate.

It is one of the most underrated healing methods, but those who find solace in it have felt a life-changing transformation. So much peace and tranquillity consume you, and certain things that would rattle you on a normal day wouldn’t bother you anymore.

Rebel Wilson Weight Loss Diets

rebel wilson Myra method

Rebel Wilson was strictly following the Mayr method diet program. She also incorporated a protein-rich diet and some inspiration from the Mediterranean diet. However, Mayr’s method was the highlight of Rebel Wilson weight loss journey.

What is the Mayr Method?

The Mayr method is a holistic approach to addressing health issues. It revolves around inflammation reduction, gut health, portion control, and eliminating processed foods.

The method also focuses on:

  • Cutting snacking, dairy, and gluten.
  • Your first meal should be the biggest meal of the day, lunch a little smaller, and supper the smallest.
  • No raw foods after 3 pm, and slowly chew your food.  
  • No water with meals
  • And the last meal of the day should be before 7 p.m.
  • Cut back on beverages, energy drinks, and sugar.

There is a certain diet of fruits, seeds, and healthy snacks for a few days. Then you ease into small meals and then some form of exercise. The diet benefits a lot of people with gluten and celiac allergies as you are cutting down on allergens in the plan.

Health practitioners find this diet may not be suitable for all. But for some people, this plan has proven beneficial. Here is an expert from her interview with BBC, where she is being her true self – loud and clear.


Experts suggest talking to a dietitian and healthcare professional for the targeted plan. Trying out various approaches that work for someone else can be a hit or miss in your case.

Why exhaust yourself and not get a plan that works from day one? But remember one key takeaway from Rebel Wilson weight loss journey: love yourself and be true to yourself.